Today, we live twice—once in the real world and once in the virtual world of social media. The virtual world and the attention it commands is so great, that it has now come down to this: if you don’t exist on the internet, you are as good as non-existent. Well, it is in this world that Arjun Dutt’s The Last Seen Romantic is based.

Dutt’s lead, Aryan, is a hopeless romantic—“In the annals of mankind, I will be the last seen romantic” he declares early on in the book. This romantic is actually a working 20-something who has a satisfying professional and social life. And in the very first chapter in the book, our romantic meets his muse, the bold and beautiful Tanvi.So besotted is he by Tanvi, that he cannot think of anything or anyone but her. Not even his close friends, Nath and Aditi.The story actually starts when Aryan and Tanvi are separated from each other by Tanvi’s work trip to the UK. Desperate to stay in touch with her, Aryan becomes her ‘friendview’ friend and starts chatting with her on the website every day. And this is when the leads hop onto a roller coaster ride of raging, confusing emotions; just that this time, it is on social media.

Dutt’s theme of online romance is very relevant, what with today’s lovers breaking up over messages that go not replied to on WhatsApp, relationships that depend on how often one is ‘online’ on whichever social media platforms they frequent and long, emotional face-to-face conversations being replaced by chats. Dutt is spot on when it comes to portraying a paranoid generation that is obsessed with the ‘last seen’ statuses of their loved ones, with Aryan spending hours staring at Tanvi’s profile to check if she is online, and the last time she had been online.

last seen romantic

What doesn’t work for me however, is the way the characters are written. For me, the soul of a book is the characters, and I must say, that in his quest to write a fast paced frothy romance, Dutt compromised with character development. Characters like Nath, Aditi and Aryan’s rivals in love, especially Raghav, are all ignored and pushed to the periphery. All we are subjected to is a repetitive overdose of  Aryan, Tanvi, and their self-centered ideals. At one point in the book, all one can deduce from Aryan’s behaviour is that he is an obsessive stalker with no other meaningful purpose, rationality or intelligent reasoning in life than to stay up all night paying attention to the last seen timings of his crush! Both Aryan and Tanvi are not particularly likeable characters,and the others would have acted as relief, but in vain, for Dutt does not allow them to develop. Therefore, because the two leads are made the backbone of the story, the story becomes as tiresome as they are.Another negative for me is that the book becomes very predictable, even though Dutt has tried hard to maintain an element of mystery which he unveils in the end, at which point the readers are too exhausted to care.

Nevertheless, the book is a great attempt for a first book and Dutt deserves due credit for trying to give his readers a much-needed message in the modern age—the virtual world is more dangerous than it looks like, and it can tamper with your emotions, rational thinking and opinions about yourself in more ways than you know. The book is a good read for a long flight or for time-killing. Even though the writing is not particularly Dickensian, it is fairly good with a few witty moments in the book, particularly when Dutt adresses people as Tigresses, Hyenas, Nostrils et al ! All I can say is, pick this book only if you are a hopeless online romantic, someone who has pondered smilingly over WhatsApp flirts, and waited with baited breaths for a reply from that special someone! Pick this book if you were last seen tracking the last seen status of the one you are in love with.

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Title : The Last Seen Romantic

Author : Arjun Dutt


Book Blurb : A chance meeting in the office elevator, a chance encounter on a hiking trip and a third chance encounter in the office parking lot are enough to make 25 year old Aryan fall head over heels in love with the beautiful, popular, intriguing Tanvi Kapoor. Thwarted by Raghav and Kunal, the two men who never seem to leave her side, Aryan is unable to confess his feelings for Tanvi before she and her colleagues head to the UK for a year long project. A lovestruck Aryan connects with Tanvi through social media, and discovers that the object of his affection is constantly at the centre of male attention. To make matters worse, Aryan strongly suspects that Raghav is Tanvi’s boyfriend, a notion shared by Nath, Aryan’s best friend and confidante. 
With the odds stacked against him and despite strong discouragement from Nath, Aryan is convinced that he must try to win Tanvi over. With social media and instant messaging services the only way for Aryan to keep in touch with Tanvi, The Last Seen Romantic explores how Aryan’s virtual world and real world merge into one and the impact of this on his real life. But more importantly, does Aryan finally get Tanvi?
Reader’s View :
Story-line:This story would more or less make you feel the essence of social networking sites (especially Facebook).The frequent visits to someone-special’s profile, when your last seen are meant to check that someone-special’s last seen, and to keep track of all the updates of the person is what you would actually get to see in the story.The hoard of ‘last seen’ did irritate me at many places.If it would have been for one or two person,then it would be fine,but the queue goes on until protagonist (Aryan) checks of all the people who are a part of the story.
The plot may confuse the reader a bit while progressing towards the end.The end, is what not I expected it to be.To me, the end is a bit dull, I presumed that author would bring an interesting turn to the story, but he did disappoint me.
Writing Fashion : Although ‘The Last Seen Romantic’ is Arjun’s debut book, he plays with words with great ease.There’s a connection between the events he narrates, and the reader could easily switch the events without any hindrance.For a newbie reader, or for the one who loves to deal with modern-romantic tale, this book could entertain you.
Characterization : As the story mainly focuses on four characters: Aryan, Tanvi,Nath and Aditi, the reader could cover the journey smoothly with the amount of information author provides.As at some places, some more characters pops in and pops out, and through the words of the exemplar, one could easily prepare a image at the back of his/her mind.
Extras : The reader could notice the amount of humor sprinkle in the book.The hilarious anecdotes and the comparisons could bring a cute-little smile at the reader’s face.
Expectations : As I enjoyed his narrating fashion , a more interesting plot is what I expect from his next novel.
Overall : It’s a light read and a modern-age romantic tale!
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Review of “The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt”

The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt highlights pleasantly how the social media has disrupted our real life. Our insatiable urge to log in, to read messages & to check notifications over social networking sites & how it impacts our life has been dealt with in detail in “The Last Seen Romantic”.
How ample amount of time we waste in stalking people over social newtorks?



Story@ “The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt”

The story is about Aryan who meets by chance to Tanvi and starts believing that “she is the girl of her dreams”.
After few days, Tanvi went overseas for a project work. They connected to each other via social media- Friendview. Aryan starts to stalk her profile all the time.
The photos that had been shared by Tanvi over Friendview makes Aryan suspect that Raghav could be her boyfriend. He finds that she is the centre of males’ attraction.
His world starts to ruin as he is in dilemma whether to confess his love to her on not.
Will Aryan be able to tell about his love to her? Will he be able to finally get Tanvi?
Or will Aryan get duped by her in a long-distance relationship where social media is the only way to remain in touch?

*Don’t know if I should state it as a weakness or strength of “The Last Seen” but when Aryan taps into his Messenger repeatedly whenever he it creates an upsurge of abhorrence as we experience in real life “when we find someone peeping into social networks after passage of every few minutes”.

Touching Moments@ The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt

-In a world filled with callous cynics like you, who don’t have an ounce of romance in their being, and depraved animals who just want wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, I am the world’s last hope for love.

-Forget about her. There’ll be other fish in the sea.

-It was like a staring contest across cyberspace. He was 7000 km away from her, but for those two minutes he felt like he was staring directly into her piercing brown eyes.

-She’d been treating him little better than toilet paper, yet she had the gall to call him jealous and insecure.

-He tapped out of Messenger, but tapped in soon after to re-read Tanvi’s message. It was still there, it was still the same. (This one was the best! Very well written by Arjun Dutt)

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About the Author:

Arjun Dutt works at a start-up company which straddles the worlds of finance and technology. An alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi, the writer is also a keen traveller and a sports enthusiast.

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A Review of ‘The Last Seen Romantic’

Book : The Last Seen Romantic

Author : Arjun Dutt


A tale of romance and the complexities of interaction and intimacy in the digital era, The Last Seen Romantic is Arjun Dutt’s first novel.  The author, an alumnus of DCE and MDI, weaves a gripping story in a very realistic setting of urban work lives in Delhi. The story is entirely narrated from the viewpoint of Aryan, an analyst at Ferris Financial. Aryan finds himself immersed in mundane and monotonous office work, although he doesn’t seem keen to crib about it and goes about his days in a constant, but calm melancholy. He has his old friend Nath and a fancied comrade in Aditi for company in his everyday coffee breaks and otherwise. Aryan has a reasonable social life around work but he doesn’t seem to be affected by the presence of most people in his world. He gets fixated easily and completely won over by a single thought for days and weeks. A state, as highlighted by the novel, severely aggravated by social media and instant communication services and related modern social norms of privacy and attention.


Aryan seeks out moments of adventure and believes in life being stranger than fiction. A chance encounter with the remarkable Tanvi Kapoor in the office elevator and prolonged encouter on a trek makes Aryan fall head over heels for her. He wants to pursue her at any cost. Tanvi has to leave for UK on a yearlong project and is surrounded by male followers, all of whom Aryan views as ‘hyenas’. Aryan confesses his love for the free soul that is Tanvi, and finds her remarkable for her independent and strong willed nature, yet paradoxically gets jealous and perturbed by some of her ways. On one hand he is on a quest to find true love, against his best friend Nath’s advice and on the other hand he contemplates the merits and demerits of his dreams as opposed to a more likely romantic situation with Aditi. Aryan gets caught up in his own thoughts to an extent that he second guesses the motives of everyone around him. The reader, almost looking over Aryan’s shoulder whilst he struggles to keep up with the distance from Tanvi, is pushed to see the dark and precarious side of rather simple social situations.


It’s hard to look past the repetitive employment of certain words and thoughts a few chapters into the novel, but eventually it’s the powerful depiction of the protagonist’s paranoia that makes the book hard to put down. The story is almost linear, yet captivating as any desire of more sub-plots quickly melts way with the very relateable narrative of Aryan.

The book is blunt, unapologetic and is no conventional tale of love. The reasons and actions of the protagonist are sure to evoke strong emotions within the reader and the book does a marvelous job of leaving you undecided. Undecided as to whether you genuinely believe in Aryan and his idea of romance or you see his vulnerabilities through his tales. Undecided as to what’s real in an increasingly superficial world. Undecided as to whether you’d want to be the enemy of romance, or the Last Seen Romantic.

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