Book Name         – The Committed Sin

Author                  - Leema Dhar

Publisher              - Frog Books

Number of Pages – 264

Publishing Year   – 2016

Edition                  - Paperback


“#Test 1: Carry the bowl of love and pour a drop of the venom of distrust. Does it survive? #Test 2: Best friends forever, really? Put her in a cobweb of mysteries and see if she bleeds with a smile. #Test 3: It’s simple. There are no rules in the game except to commit SINS. But you’ll be served death for dinner. Are you still ready to play the sinful game? She’s an agnostic. She survives on my own terms in a metropolitan city. She sees around. She sees the puddle of human abhorrence everywhere. She’s knocking at the door of answers that her mom refuses to open. She loves a guy who plays with heart beats. She has a best friend who rules death. Her dad rules the island of enigma. And then there’s a man who binds them all in a single thread- the thread of the game. The rule is pretty simple. They need to commit sins, one after the other. Take revenge, be sinful, break the rules, forget the morals of relationships but if they try to escape…they’ll be thrown…in the land of the unknown from where none can return. So shall we begin the game? The Committed Sin is a STAND-ALONE romance that you cannot afford to miss. This time Metro Kolkata has an untold story which vehemently explores the sphinx of mortal relationships. Experience the journey of nightmares like never before. The bestselling novelist of Till We Meet Again and You Touched My Heart Leema Dhar weaves love, revenge, hatred, mystery and despair–all in a single thread. “

My Review

The story line need not be mentioned in this review since the blurb itself is a synopsis of the book. The story and narration are promising and engaging. Right from the prologue, authoress succeeded in leaving the readers inquisitive and forces them to hook to the book to know what next. Each chapter comes up with a new twist which traverses seamlessly from chapter to chapter.Great care is taken in characterisation. Noteworthy fact is that Authoress could convincingly help the readers in visualizing not only the outward look but also the inner worth of the characters. The first person narration of  Seya comes off in  a matured fashion, while maintaining the liveliness of a teenager.How Pakhi became the protagonist’s best friend, is not conveyed well since very few instances of togetherness is manifested.  During the emotional voyage with the characters, grammatical errors served as eyesores in some areas, since it would leave the readers confused as to what exactly did the writer intended to convey. The climax did not keep up with the level of the the rest of the book may be because of the predictability or abruptness.Overall the book is a great read with a strong story line and outstanding narration. With a little more care and rework in the Grammar side as well as the climax, we can expect a great piece of literature.

Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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Title : The Committed Sin

Author : Leema Dhar

Book Blurb : Seya, a twenty-one-year-old, sloppy-gingery girl,daughter of the industrialist Abeer Sen, faces the biggest quagmire of her life, when she breaks up with her first love.
The buoyant tomboy-Pakhi-a small-town girl brings in a wave of adventure in Seya’s life.pakhi introduces Seya to Aarav, a Tollywood stuntman, whom she falls for.
Inarticulately,she gets to know a stranger secretly visits her mother Moumita frequntly.Suspicion grows strong in her mind that the stranger might be Pramik Das, the renowned artist.Seya is horrified when Pakhi unexpectedly conceives only to find out that Pakhi was never the real Pakhi,Seya took her to be.
To madly explorePakhi’s bygone days,Seya sets out on a journey with Aarav.Will Seya be able to unravel the mystery that is haunting their urban modern lives?Will she be able to decode the anonymity that surrounds the lives of her mom,dad,and Pramik Das? Will the committed sin change their lives forever?
Reader’s View:
The series of events offered to the reader one after other would definitely binds the reader to it, if he/she is into typical Indian-dramatic-story.In the beginning, the reader may get a thought that it is just another story of a rich-left alone story of a girl, but with the time, the reader gets a chance to encounter the backbone of the story.
From the sudden turns that the story takes, it was quite a task to get ready for the unexpected events that author has in store for the reader.At the back of my mind, I had many thoughts regarding the story, like it would go in this or that direction, but author showcases his own talent playing with the reader’s mind.
The ‘exploration’ part is what I found the interesting chord of the story.As Seya (the protagonist), grows closer towards the mystery behind Pakhi, the story goes more and more interesting and intriguing.It took me some time to get accustomed to author’s writing style, although it is simple in nature, but the articulation is done in such a manner that I couldn’t feel comfortable in the beginning, but with time, this hitch faded into thin air.
I love the way author brings life to the characters.The reader could easily feel their presence and could easily gather traits of a particular protagonist through the amount of detail provided by the author.The bold and stout character of Pakhi, the dejected Seya,and all of them leaves a trace of their image in an effective manner.
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