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Sanjay Bordia beloved son of Udaipur has penned a book THE  CLAIMBOOK REVIEW: THE CLAIM

51a5g-4cjxl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Reviewed by- ManeevakOkayish kind of a debut book, I’d say.The story is about a hefty insurance claim, which seems to be a fake one. I’ll not reveal the contents of the book. But, here is the review…‘The Claim’ by Sanjay Bordia has a beautiful storyline, combined with a wonderfully executed element of suspense and humour. It continously kept me wanting for more, and making me turn pages quickly. I seriously loved the concept of the story- from Laila having amazing detective skills to the presentation of corruption in India’s system. The characters are well constructed(I love Mohan and Laila!).Coming to things that I did not like.I felt that names of almost all the chapters were dull, and could have been made more interesting. I’m also not a fan of reading hindi dialouges in english books, though such instances were not too much, but still, I hate content which has mixture of two language. There were a few ‘countable’ grammatical glitches that can be corrected.Most important drawback was…
It is meant to be a detective fiction book, so story should continously, or at least for most of the part, revolve around solving the case. I was highly disappointed to see that many instances, pages and even a few chapters were dedicated to things unrelated to the case!

I congratulate author for his debut book for his attempt, and delivering a good storyline but the the whole thing could’ve been a lot better. Best wishes for your next book:)

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Disclaimer: Thank you Leadstart for the review copy. I confirm that the review is completely unbiased.

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The Claim Sanjay Bordia Leadstart 223 pages Rs. 225/-

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Chartered Accountants rarely write fiction books. Their work mostly consists of detecting financial frauds or sometimes committing them. However, very few of them are good at chronicling their work.
Sanjay Bordia is one such exception. He goes out of his comfort zone and enters a zone which he successfully renders his own. ‘The Claim’ takes its readers into the working life of a chartered accountant which has its own spice and sugar, twist and turns.
In the first few pages, Sanjay plunges into an accidental death which threatens to put the death-nail to an emerging business of 3M Chandani group. The death is followed by a flurry of events which unfold at regular interval at the hands of the protagonist Mohan Mohanty and his two assistants Laila and Iceberg. Especially interesting is the way Sanjay seamlessly weaved stories of various fraud detection by the members of the audit team.
The story, with some flashbacks for the introduction of assistants, revolves around a life insurance claim filed for a large sum of money. All the documents and media reports are hinting that the claim is genuine which must be settled at the earliest to avoid bad name.
The case lands at the hands of Mohan with a feeble hope that he would smell the rotten dead rat. Mohan and his team begin to look for answers and during the journey discover some interesting and shocking facts.
Sanjay gives a bird’s eye-view of the life and work of a CA in an Indian Business Group. Anybody who is interested in knowing what a CA does in addition to number crunching, should lay his hands on this book.

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Review of The Claim by Sanjay Bordia

Book Name         – The Claim

Author                  - Sanjay Bordia

Publisher              - Frog Books

Number of Pages – 226

Publishing Year   – 2016

Edition                  - Paperback

“The recent foray of ’3M Chandani Group’ into the life insurance sector is besieged with a large insurance claim. All evidence and documents are in order but there is an eerie feeling that something is not right. The case lands on the table of ‘Mohan Mohanty’, the ace internal auditor of the group. Will Mohan be able to unearth the truth? Laila and Iceberg, two trusted assistants of Mohan, are confident that with Mohan at the helm, truth need not worry. The investigation takes Mohan and his team to a village hospital where the compounder Tara Nath fixes the posting of doctors. The team of auditors meets Madan Prasad, a sculptor who creates wax statutes which can chase London’s Madam Tussaud out of business. The team has to find out whether branch manager, Sunil Shinde, is a victim or a culprit. Time is running out since the Mehra family, the parents and brother of the deceased, are threatening to go to the media and the courts, if the settlement of the insurance claim is delayed further. Mohan has to act fast and come out with clinching evidence or pay the insurance claim of Rs. 10 Crore. An interesting story of an auditor, who investigates frauds in corporate world. CA Kirit Somaiya, Member of Parliament from Mumbai North-East Read it just for the sake of knowing the suspense and adventure in the world of a Chartered Accountant. CA Uttam Prakash Agarwal, Ex-President. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India A pleasurable read from a debut writer…….Looking forward to more from you Sanjay….. Manish Mundra, Producer of International Award winning films, Aankho Dekhi and Masaan Fascinating debut….. Vish Dhamija, writer of best-selling books, Nothing lasts forever and Bhendi Bazar Riveting story of the mundane world of Chartered Accountants. Sanjay takes us into the murky world of modern finance in a profoundly humorous way. CA M R Venkatesh, Leading commentator on financial matters and author of ‘A decade of decay’. The characters are well developed. I was immediately pulled into their world and enjoyed every second of the journey as they race against time. CA Vivek Falod, 39th rank in CA Final-May’ 2014 It is an interesting story of three Chartered Accountants……..Funny, Adventurous and full of Suspense. CS & CA Aditya Birla, 22nd rank in CS foundation”

My Review

Seems like Leadstart got their next Anand Neelakantan. Yes,I mean it. The book is a perfect bestseller material. With the solid plot, author has proved that he has the potential to give the contemporaries a run for their money.The book introduced me to a new world of investigative auditing.  A hint here and there about the malpractices happening in the statements, makes the reader think of the current scenario. The book is an eye opener for those who tend become the prey of the stock market cons. Author has taken great care in narration that the laymen can understand the complexities in tax and auditing.The plot is quite solid with twists and turn in the right meter. The book is a quintessential example of sincere narration with conviction. Shall we call him ‘Indian John Grisham?’ Well, I think so.Characters development is steady and complete. The story is fast paced which in turn compels the readers to go on and on. I can’t wait to lay my hands on his next book. I did not want the book to end. This best thriller novel that I have ever read of an Indian Author.
Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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