Book review- Tell me your real story

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Tell Me Your Real Story.
Most often any piece of writing you either write or plan to pen down will be a an effect of what inspired you or how you desire to inspire others. The poetess Savita Nair is nothing short of becoming your modern icon. Her thoughts are bold and blarrers right out of the book.

The poems are just one of a kind which is just not the usual ones that you would read or expect to be in every other poetry collection.

Poetry, I guess had a significant feeling which is just like a song or your favorite book. Its an escape from the world, a heavenly adobe for the writer and the reader as well. The poems in this book says how the world as it exactly is, never an escape.

Some of the poems in the book were genuinely great and it pushed me to read it over and over, which in turn explains my late review for the book!

The things that run inside a 20ish women’s mind about first dates, work, home, dates, Friday nights ,men, love, breakup , and to all the other wired feelings that run around like crazy in the mind were all been fished out and given words but interestingly in a different way.

I’ve shared some of my favorite quotes form the book…

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest I never tried
Because it felt good to have burnt in passion
Which forever, I thought had died

Let’s not make any compromise whatsoever
And live today, as if we had forever


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 Savita Nair’s TELL ME YOUR REAL STORYtruly makes you discover a little about yourself with every next poem that you read. The book is a collection of poems that are heartfelt, crazy, mad and sarcastic of belief, romance, loss and life.

The poet has poured her feelings with simplicity throughout the book.  Like many of the new poets her style is light and conversational which gives the poems a deceptively simple feel.

The very first poem is shady, although, she has used simple way to say it. I believe you’re not there is a poem clearly shaded towards people’s belief towards God, Religions, Customs and Rituals. She has used contemporary trends like “Selfie” in one of her poems to talk about Love and Romance. Even in later part of the book she has expressed love through poems like “If We Had Forever”, “So Vanilla”, “But Stay?” “Kerosene” are a few.

Throughout the collection the rhymes make a beautiful act on the readers mind.

Towards the end “That’s the Spirit” is a poem of motivation which is pretty way to end this poetic journey of her book.


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Tell Me Your Real Story – Book Review

Tell Me Your Real Story is a collection of poems by Savita Nair. I really liked the book because it offered something refreshingly new. The poems are contemporary. They deal with the issues faced by the urban youth. So we have poems about selfies, diplomacy, being a conformist. Also there are poems about dealing with a bad boss, beer, facebook, being in control of your life. The poetess succeeds in bringing the struggles of urban young and women to the fore. Her topics, her disappointment and her frustration is palpable.
These poems are about a young person with many idealistic dreams in her eyes, but who is caught in the rut. They are about breaking the stereotypes and becoming free. They are rebellious and path breaking.
The writing is simple and easy to relate. Every poem is a story in itself. The book leaves you enriched. It makes you to introspect about your life. Yes, the poems may lack the rhyming words and meter. But the content is indeed disruptive. That is the reason why I liked Tell Me Your Real Story.
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Be True Re-View…. Tell Me Your Real Story by Savita Nair

 Poetry is the music of the soul, someone said. Quite who did I forget. Nevertheless, Savita Nair manages to provide a decent  enough evidence to that phrase. Her recent work ‘Tell Me Your Real Story‘ contains some lovely poetry that reflect the uninhibited nature of her soul. The job of the poet/poetess is always difficult. Though they view the world through the prism of their own experiences, they seek to define it for everyone. This is what makes them so ambitious, and yet so individualistic.

 Both these characteristics seep through the crevices of Ms. Nair’s poems. In ‘A Lady’s Got To Do Some Straight Talking’, she presents the difficulties of the modern woman balancing her career, family, and aspirations of love. The language is chic, hip and carries with it the free flowing rhythm akin to a desi Maya Angelou. Not that it reaches the philosophical level of the American giant, but the style is familiar. Not that Maya Angelou’s is the only style reflecting in the work. ‘An Ode To The Common Cold’ is a reminder of that famous parody by the poet Ogden Nash. Quite an uncommon style, and one that stands out in a collection of heartfelt romantic poems.
The poet displays a sensitive understanding of her own self. It is this unique individuality that helps the reader connect with her. ‘Lost My Heart, Never Found It’, ‘The Ordinary Side of Me’ are confessional statements that make the collection worthwhile. ‘Our Failings’ meanwhile, is an endearing attempt at defining the emotions that often drive individuals.

Tell Me Your Real Story‘ is a collection of heartfelt poems that are interesting, fascinating, and charming in equal measure. There is a good poet in Ms. Savita Nair somewhere, waiting for the right words. She has found some, may find even more. This makes her an even more interesting poet to watch for.

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