Book Review – Perfect Prescription for Broken Hearts by Dr. Aparajitha Nagesh

What is the perfect prescription for a broken heart? Is it a full dose of love-cetmol? Suturing the cut ends? A cardiac transplantation? Or a life time of love with hugs and smiles thrice a day?
Hrudi, a heartbroken and calumniated gynecologist, decides that the perfect prescription to her unending endurance is to put a full stop to her life once and for all. Inebriated by a rush of nostalgia, she chooses to relive the past once again, before finally finding her eternal rest in peace.
This journey back in time takes her to her college days, where she falls into step with Aditi since day one and was always at loggerheads with the hunk, Hrishikesh Datta. But everything changed when the cupid struck his arrow on both the parties and life became even more beautiful, until the inevitable happened, crumpling down her world like a pack of cards.
When she was still coping with the heartache, another blow hit her like a wrecking ball and she was razed to the ground once more. As she prepares to end her life, Hrish awaits the one big confrontation that he feared for years.
Will she live through this?
Will her broken heart ever be mended?
About the Story-
The story revolves around Hrudi and her experience in the medical college. How she befriends Aditi and how she has a crush on Hrish. The plot also gives an insight of the problems that doctors have to go through. No matter how much efforts they put in to save a patient’s life, a small mistake can lead to a disaster, even when the mistake is not entirely of doctor’s. From the exam’s tension to the excitement of the parties – this story tells the happening or not-so-happening life of a medical college.
Writing & Narration-
The story has been presented in a simple form. The writing style of the authoress is commendable. I really liked it. However, the story lacks behind in the narration. The way characters have been defined is good. I liked some of the characters a lot. But, the thing that ruins the interest is the grammatical errors. The language of the story is less than average. Still, I was thoroughly into the story and I could imagine the things in my head. So, that’s a plus point.
Title & Cover-
The title and the cover of the book are appropriate for the plot. They gel well with the story.
  • ·         The story is intriguing.
  • ·         The character justification is up to the mark.
  • ·         The narration style is average.


  • ·         It has a lot of grammatical mistakes.
  • ·         The editing is not in a precise way.


My verdict-
When you expect some things and imagine some scenarios in your head, and when the inevitable circumstances change everything, you don’t seem to find any way out from that situation. What is the most heartbreaking thing? The betrayal from a friend or the betrayal from the love of your life? I guess both! There is no perfect medication available to heal a broken heart.
This story tells the same thing. It is a good and average read. And, once can easily relate to the characters. If you are also dealing with a broken heart, then have a read of this book and you will find out where Hrudi was lead by the destiny.

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