Review of It’s All About How You Feel

Title : It’s All About How You Feel

Author : Ramesh Sattennapalli


Blurb : Rahul; a young and dynamic manager for an ad film making company, is suddenly picked up by the police for an interrogation of his best friend; Arjun’s death.

Unable to comprehend the situation, Rahul could not understand or say anything, as he is taken to Arjun’s suicide spot. What shocks him most, is the fact that Arjun has left a clue which clearly states that Rahul is the reason for his death.

During the journey to suicide spot, Rahul explains to Jessie; his PA, about his last four years. How he met Arjun; his best friend once upon a time, and how he became close to Sravani, with whom he wanted to live his life forever. He spent most of his time trying to impress Sravani and became successful but by the time he expressed his feelings, she left him without any clue.

After such an insomniac period of time, all of a sudden, today he was told that his friend committed suicide mentioning him as the reason for it.

Why did Sravani leave him?

What made Arjun commit suicide?

What happened at suicide spot?

Is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ unerring?

My view : 

The story that first few pages speak marks a question in reader’s mind,and in quench of finding the answer of the question, author conditions to go through the words of the protagonist. Although, the story accelerated on a simple note,but it left the reader with a hope that the journey ahead would pay them for their time.Apart from Rahul-Sravani’s friendship,I wished to take a sneak peek on Rahul-Arjun’s friendship,because the way it started on the edge of Rahul-Arjun’s relationship, I  wanted to see more of their friendship.
Writing style adopted by author is friendly in nature,he uses simple and not so opulent words to portray his thoughts,which makes it a book compatible for novice readers as well.Articulation is average and molded in a fashion which is good enough to trace the story.  The story is painted with some well-known colours,colours which are already used to paint the story . Events involved in the story cannot be tagged as ‘rich’,they are quite common,already told and heard,but with those common events,author tried to give a new shape to the story.
Later on in the middle,reader’s attention takes a slip,because of the already read content,and some non-valid conversations which needs to be enriched with thoughts and humour, and maturity needs to be shown while presenting them. Specially the messages Rahul and Sravani exchanged over phone,they lacked the quality of content to a great extent,at a moment when such conversations kept  on taking place,it irked me and irritate me to an extent that I felt like skipping that part.
The story could be narrated in a more charming fashion,bringing in more interesting events of the protagonist’s life while reaching to the answers.  At places,punctuation marks are missing,grammatical errors are detected here and there which acted as hindrances and bumps in the journey. I didn’t understand one thing,Rahul topped college in first semester by 86.85%,again he topped the exam,and then he talked about preparing for second semester.Do explain me author,if I misunderstood anything.
A light read and recommended to all the novice out there who are not that much familiar with literature but wants to give a start.
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It's all about How You Feel!

Book Blurb:

Rahul is an ad film maker. When he comes to know about his best friend Arjun’s suicide and that too a letter note saying “My best friend Rahul is the reason for my suicide”, he almost gets wobbly. Leaving so many an unanswered questions about his friendship with Arjun and how he met his dream girl Sravani and how they three got apart, Rahul asked to attend for an enquiry at Arjun’s suicide spot.
What makes the relationship successful? Do we need to stay in touch with our beloved ones to keep our relationship alive? Does relationship has an end? How it feels like when we miss our beloved ones and meet them after some period of time in unexpected circumstances?
Modern relationships following the slogan “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. Did Rahul follow the same? How he overcame the problem he faced with?

My Review:

The book started on a very exciting note…the protagonist, in the middle of an important work assignment is arrested for the abetting his best friend’s suicide.

Since I also worked in the advertisement field, I found the setting fimiliar and relatable.

But on the flip side, the quality of writing could be better. There were too many grammatical errors for me to really be interested in the book.

I feel that this book could have had gone through some editing, and needed a bit more polishing in the area of character descriptions, especially when describing female characters.

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