Review of Gunshot Victim’s Unit

Title : Gunshot Victim's Unit

Author : Vaibhav Mukim


Blurb : 'Culture was untouchable. Their mixing would, and had in the past, proved to be extremely detrimental to peace and quiet.' 

A world in which people have no regional affiliations. Where culture itself has gone mobile. Where the President, the man with the most power, has little to do but swim and play golf. Where ordinary people like Gru and Ronan care little about where they come from and where they are headed – and this whole system is balanced on just two simple laws.

In this dystopian world, the only equalising factor is gunshots.

Will the Gunshot Victims Unit, the last line of defence, be enough?
My view : 

 The book revolves around an investigation of a serial killer who targets only North Indians and shoot them, while on the other hand,the Guruji promotes the very same culture.The story unravels the facet of the mystery one by one,finding the connection between the two hints protagonists has scratched out of the incidents happened.

At places,author has smartly sprinkled the fun of mystery, maintaining the charm of the book.Halfway through this book,and I felt like not leaving it until I discover the suspense it had cooked for readers. Author knows the art of gaining reader's attention very well,and he has successfully occupied reader's mind till the very last page.

The narration doesn't involve any unwanted content.Author astutely manages to trace the edges of the story line involving only useful events.As the story is partitioned into several chapters,pauses are taken after every each event which somehow lost the connectivity between different events. I'm fine with the partition of events,but division after few lines,felt like lacking of the 'binding' element.

 Articulation is simple,sentences are not elongated,they speak of just one action.The articulation could be improved so as to provide smooth sailing.I'm not saying that it should be stretched too long,but should be molded in such a manner, that reader won't feel like reading, but visualizing everything.

 I want the characterization to be done in a more friendlier way. Characterization seems a bit loose,maybe because the involvement of number of characters from the very beginning .I was only able to recognize Tirat and Shard in first few pages,rest were just names to me.A character sketch in the beginning would have done the trick.

The pile of cases this story incorporates and the suspense that it beholds for readers garbs reader attention and interest,and uses reader's brain till the mystery unfolds itself.

A good and spicy read!

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