Book Review : Gabriati – Rise of the Preceptor

Book- Gabriati: Rise of the Preceptor

Author- Sreyus Palliyani

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Frog Books- An imprint of Leadstart Publishing


There is something which the Brotherhood is facing. Gabriati has moved out from the place in order to execute his plans. Meanwhile, Michael has some other things going on in his mind. Still he moves in the same direction as others.

The journey takes them to different towns of different countries. They meet some barbaric people on the way.

Will the veil from the infected ones be ever removed? When the pages turn, will things move as per the want? Or some other chapter of evil conspiracy will open?


What can be better than the main man ruling even the title? Can I think of something more suitable? No. I found the name perfect in all sense. And if someone can’t judge the book by the name then the sub-title can help with ease.


The cover of book has less contrast which can confuse the image, with the background in the first look. Some colourful play could have worked for betterment. But on second thoughts, if I think of Gabriati I can relate with what the cover showed. The hood under which Gabriati remained in the book can be related with the way he was shown on the cover. Concealed, behind the scenes, still the powerful one.


The people in the book are mostly God-men and thus they are complimented with rassons and cloaks all over. Plus, their lives in the brotherhood opened up some really fantastic images in front. The whole new clan is opened up in the book which is very bright and highly powerful.

From the leading ones I loved Gabriati, Michael, and Aurelius. The antagonist and protagonist were very not revealed and the level of anticipation was maintained. Many folds needed to be opened.

There are many minor characters too, without whom the tale wouldn’t have moved an inch. I loved, Azaria, Majid and Beriloni.


The narration was smooth, easily swaying and highly grasping. The conversations were short and to the point. Well divided paragraphs and proper distribution of importance was given to all the characters. Third person narration added one extra star to the perfectly moving thriller.


Gabriati is a book with many doors and every door opens up to a valley of drama, mystery and suspense. The book had a lot of troughs and crests which made the reading experience a great adventure. From the very start all the characters were in action and from time to time their need to move ahead was felt immensely.

The 50 chapter long ride ended with a feeling of happiness. Right from the start I knew that I have fell in love with Gabriati, the famous person from the Brotherhood but I was taken aback when I was offered a lot more options from the same firm. The bravery of every character is shown in great length and that can make anybody feel Goosebumps without any prior hint or notice.

Tale starts from the search of Gabriati who is wandering here and there because he has a lot on his shoulders, which needs execution. The quest starts with a bang on and the true colours of the characters comes in front. Michael rises from the ashes and turns out to be a rigorous fellow who has compiled the mission of finding Gabriati with his hidden personal agenda.

The power of the story lies in the hands of characters who have indulged themselves so much in the present scenario. They can easily connect with the reader very strongly, with this power to pull you with themselves. The novel was rich in imagery which made the scenes innovative, like Michael’s vision from the airplane window. It was powerful and highly creative. It added to the mood perfectly.

The confusion that is created between Azaria and Michael has a lot of pain within. The helplessness which Michael feels makes him stand out of the box and that is the reason why he finds a place above others. He has that power, that craziness which has reserved the place for him of high order. The concept of Omnipotence Paradox, the question which Michael raised was enough to show the level of the book. Terrific.

The fighting sequence adds up in the mood of the thriller and the showdown can surely blow away your mind.

Summing up- The author had a well-planned outline of his book otherwise “Gabriati” wouldn’t have been possible. Every turn was taken care of and no place came where I could question the expertise of the author as an unmatched story-teller. He infused so many things in this really long suspenseful thriller that it became easy to handle, without any hint of boredom while reading it.


· “He was removed from the world by his grief.”

· “For he is called omnipotent on account of his doing what he will, not on account of his suffering what he wills not.”

· “Whenever man has come across something he couldn’t explain, he has classified it under the category of the divine. And each time he cracked it, he would set it aside as science.


What I loved the most are the layers in the book. Very well divided in all terms. Also the book has very symmetrical approach in terms of serenity, ease and perfect flow. The reading was easy and without any hindrance.

I also loved the way Michael was recalling Montelli and his older days. The lessons which he learnt were well thought of by the author.


Nothing stopped my reading in between. I couldn’t spot any flaw.


Looking for a perfect thriller recipe with a punch of mystery and lot of courage ruling all over? Gabriati can be your next pick. Also any thriller lover can surely give it a try. It is worth your time.

About the author-

Sreyus Palliyani was always the artistic kind immensely drawn towards customs, traditions and myths. However, logical and rational reasoning was pivotal for him to accept any of it. He graduated from the Government Engineering College, Thrissur and later obtained his masters from the National University if Singapore, where he also works as a Research engineer.

Connect with the author-

· Twitter handle- @sreyuspalliyani

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Book Review : ‘Gabriati : Rise of the Preceptor’ by Sreyus Palliyani

Gabriati : Rise of the Preceptor’ by Sreyus Palliyani is an interesting book. It starts off with a prologue, telling us of a covert brotherhood, which is 3,000 years old. The job of the brotherhood is now at stake, as the protagonist stands up.
He is Gabriati, an almost superhero, with powers, which could leave the people of the world, flabbergasted. It basically runs across the globe, across people, and manages to kill them and protect them. With utmost cruelty and utmost gentleness, Gabriati takes on to the world’s largest religious institutions.
It is up to him to find, research and hunt. Through ruthless killings and through gentle ways, he manages to get through his living days. Whether it is the terrorists, or the so called saints or the swamis of the world, Gabriati would find them. You never really get where he is or what he is doing, but one thing is for certain, he will definitely get his man, at the end.
Palliyani, though is good at the research, tends to test my patience. It did make sense to me, that there are bad people, and he would find ways of destruction, but what did not make sense, was the pages and pages around it. The book touches upon the various ways of handling of faith and how it is manipulated, over a period of time.
The book is of a fast pace, but I felt at times, that it could have been a tad, faster if only the pages were down. And the second story of Michael and Azaria was an interesting one, and I wish that it did not overshadow the original Gabriati story. There are times when it tends to do that, and probably take over the story.
But, in the end, the story told is a good one, and I hoped that this one was in two parts. But nevertheless, welcome to the world of publishing, Sreyus Palliyani…
You can Buy the Book, right here.
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Gabriati: Rise of The Preceptor – Sreyus Palliyani [Book Review]

This review copy of Gabriati was provided to me my the publishers Leadstart Publishing. To buy the book go to:

Gabriati is one of those books that excited me right from the time I read the title of the book. I did take quite a bit of my time with the book to read it and finish it. The time taken to do this was more to relish the pretty good writing by a debutant and a young author Sreyus.

Gabriati is the tale of one person who tries to play the role of the preceptor who plays both a saviour and a traitor to different people. I do wonder if Sreyus took inspiration from similar themed books to craft the character of Gabriati and the others in the book, but the grey shade characterisation of Gabriati is definitely one of the finest I have seen from a debut author. There is a tendency to make such a type of character larger than real by even experienced authors, but Sreyus definitely shows good restraint in doing that shows the character in a more believable way. Well almost.

There is a lot happening in the book. The book traverses multiple geographies and features multiple people – both good and bad. However, it neatly ties up the people, the geographies, the proceedings and leaves very little open to interpretation; well, everything except the last few pages. There is a strange sibling duo (which is separated) in the book and without divulging much about their characters, I would like to say that there is a lot of maturity shown in creating the two characters. So much that you begin feeling for the two characters and start vouching for them both.

The writing in the book, as I said earlier, is one of the books greatest strengths and there is definitely hope for Sreyus to shine as a writer. The plot and the writing go hand in hand and the mystery of the book continues to remain relevant through most of the book and that is Sreyus’ greatest success. The only weakness in the book is perhaps the sidelining of the title character himself in a few cases, so much that you also forget that he exists.

Overall, Gabriati was a fun read and I am looking forward to see what comes up next in the career of the author Sreyus!

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gabriati deccan chronicle sreyus palliyani
Cover of the book ‘Gabriati – Rise of the Preceptor’, written by Sreyus Palliyani.

 Cover of the book ‘Gabriati – Rise of the Preceptor’, written by Sreyus Palliyani.

‘Gabriati – Rise of the Preceptor’, a novel of the genre conspiracy fiction, written by young research engineer Sreyus Palliyani, will be released here on Friday.

A hardcore fan of conspiracy thrillers, the 24-year-old writer chose a mystery plot that extends across eight countries for his debut novel.

“Rigorous research for almost two-and-a-half years has gone into the work. The library at the National University of Singapore, where I did my master’s, gave me ample opportunity for research. I met a lot of experts, including retired Army officials, medical officers and scientists as the plot involved war and violence,” he says.

The book narrates the tale of a priest who belongs to the clandestine Brotherhood, a 3,000-year-old secret society. As the tale progresses, the protagonist upsets world religious institutions by going on a murder spree across the globe. “Through the protagonist, I actually tried to express my own doubts and enquiries about institutionalised religious manipulation and extremism, which is intricately woven into our contemporary lives,” Mr. Palliyani says.

The writer, who has roots in Thrissur, was born in Saudi Arabia and brought up across the Middle East. After graduating from the Government Engineering College, Thrissur, he obtained his master’s degree from the National University of Singapore, where he works as a research engineer.

Published by Leadstart Publishing, the book is already available on online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. The book will officially be launched at a function to be held at the Kerala Sahitya Akademi on Friday.

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