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Democracy 2.0 by Krishna Kumar has a hybrid narrative which seems like a movie about the fight for social rights that evolves into a classical love story which adds a touch of sentimental drama to the book and emphasize that the society is equal for all and even the law should do likewise.

Aditya, An IAS topper, Siddhanta, a Harvard drop-out and Devanjali, a media professional, who are courageous, spontaneous, honest and firm on their ideas with due sensitivity and a well-earned intelligence, traverse their diverse lives to come in concert to outline a covert alliance that attracts some of the top minds of India, who collectively sketch a new age pressure group for revolution.

The group catches the imagination of the urban middle class and the rural India equally and snowballs into a huge upheaval that demolishes the different stereotypes of Indian polity, media and the social order prior to culminating into a new version of egalitarianism that meets the ambition of a contemporary India.

The narrative does have some tear-jerking moments and remains linear and attentive to the various points of view of the society which digs deeper that wants to tell a lot about everything, enriching the book with facets that keeps the reader glued to the pages, to create an urge to get involved with our society.

While the story is interesting and touches the heart, the book remains quite traditional, inspiring and compelling, that although sometimes may seem a bit romanticized, is well described both the characters and their state of mind. It reads like an excellent adventure novel, but the plus is that the content makes it much more interesting. It’s so simple and above all free from rhetoric and puts you in the middle of the Indian drama better than any television report or documentary.

This book is enjoyable, well-made, exciting, where you can be able to identify with the turn of events because they assume that it is the result of real life and is a book that draws, surprises, excites and does include certain hidden truths which is highly recommended not only to the youth of today but also to all those who sadly hold important positions.

A book well written, based on a life content tense, dangerous and very timely it is a minimalist book to understand the events of today’s Indian democracy. There are no explicit judgments, subjective judgments or theories, but only facts from which everyone can draw their own conclusions.

A good book, well written, the narrative is imbued with content with the descriptive ability, fresh but intense that stirs emotions with considerable punch to the stomach, with a clear and youthful prose with the reading is very fast, and the topic is interesting that is definitely recommended in a wonderful book that manages simultaneously to narrate events of significance and the feeling of the protagonists.

It’s a book that will keep you awake and send you the adrenaline rush with the descriptions of the landscape and the environment were such that it will seem to you as in a movie all this in a precise and engagingly written book to be read all in one breath.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 600 ♥ Published: March 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9383562862

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Review of Democracy 2.0 by Krishna kumar

Book Name         – Democracy 2.0

Author                  - Krishna Kumar

Publisher              - Leadstart Publishing

Number of Pages – 592

Publishing Year   – 2015

Edition                  - Paperback
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Three mavericks – Aditya, an IAS topper, Siddhanta, a Harvard drop-out and Devanjali, a top-notch media-woman, by a combination of circumstances, come to a remote village and set up ‘The Ara Club’, the secret meeting place that attracts some of the best young professionals of India who nurture similar ambitions of systemic changes. Together, they work out a formidable new-age movement, the ‘Post-Gandhian Movement’, which happens to be full with stunning ideas of change. Soon, it catches the fancy of the urban middle-class and the rural India alike and snowballs into a great revolution which demolishes various stereotypes of Indian politics and society and goes to establish the new version of democracy, called ‘Democracy 2.0’ that meets the aspirations of a modern India.But, will they succeed in ushering in a systemic change or will the forces of the status-quo, led by a powerful ruling family and its protégé Prime Minister, destroy them? Will Devanjali get the chance to express her love for Aditya, the leader she had so diligently created?A powerful saga of love, passion, renunciation and hope expressing itself through the macabre socio-political reality of the day.

My Review

In a scenario where the decaying political plays, the book enlightens the readers with new ideas and developmental policies. The thriller incites the soul of the exploited mass of people. The book is an eye opener of the handicapped educational system.The characters of Aditya, Siddhantha, Devanjali and Lavanya possess high degree of heroism without any gimmicks. The ideas portrayed are fresh and novel. The story shows us how the determined youth brought about changes in the living conditions as well as the rotting social discrimination.The pace of the story is steady and the language is simple with rich vocabulary. The back story of the characters were too long, which in turn brought down the pace of the story. All in all the book is feel good one.

One should not approach the book as an easy read. It is a thought provoking serious take on the current political and social environment.

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author
KRISHNA KUMAR, a post-graduate in Sociology, is currently working in CSIR (Government of India). He was born, brought up and schooled in the small town of Ara, Bihar and graduated from Magadh University. He joined the Intelligence Bureau in 1998 as Assistant Central Intelligence Officer and after serving for a year joined the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in New Delhi. He shifted to Lucknow in 2009 and works at CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow. DEMOCRACY 2.0 is his first novel. The author can be reached at
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