Dalits, Dynasty and She
By  Sanjay Chitranshi

Publisher- Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

ISBN- 978-9352015931
‘Dalits, Dynasty and She’ is a political satire.
For the first time in the history of the nation, a Dalit woman leader has captured the seat of power in the most populous and politically most important state. And decades after the independence, the Dalits are feeling hopeful of justice and their empowerment.
An old political party, controlled by a powerful dynasty that has ruled the country most of the years since the independence, is facing the charges of massive corruption.
A powerful movement against corruption has erupted under an old social-activist, hijacked by his vocal, ambitious upper-caste supporters is spreading over the entire country, taking the political class by surprise.
A small section of the Dailts and tribal, disgruntled with the status-quo and the feudal power-structure, while the seats of power change from one set of looters to another have embraced Maoism and are preparing for an armed revolution.
Will the marginalized sections of the society get justice and be empowered under the rule of a Dalit leader?
Will the movement against corruption succeed?
Will the Maoist succeed in an armed revolution?

Finally, will the chance meeting of so many strong socio-political currents help the nation usher in a new beginning?

Story of untouchability, inequality and discrimination. A story based on political background. Even after 69 years of independence, society still having the orthodox mentality. Still the Dalits don’t get recognition and many of them hide their identity like Rama Chandra, a character of the story. It feels sad when society don’t accept them and calls them untouchable and sometimes, the richer community dominates them. But Dalits thought that life was going to be better because a Dalit woman became the chief minister of the state. But like any other party, there was no real development could be seen and yes it happens in real life too. Parties do announcements, make big promises but fails, like Robert (character), he spent a night with the Dalits just to gain their votes. Whom to blame? It is just we, who give them the opportunity to dominate. Coming back to the book, the cover doesn’t relate much to the story. It could have been better and the story line too. But the narration is perfect and up to the mark, there’s hardly any grammatical mistakes and the words are also very appropriate to the story. Blurb seems good and develops interest.
It is a nice effort and many congratulations to the author for it. These books can really help in coming out with such orthodox mindset. A person with no interest in politics will find it difficult to read but a person who likes politics must go with this novel.
I like-
1) Fearless spirit of the author.
2)  The issue that is raised in the book.
I dislike-
1) Story seems to be little boring at the middle.
Book Cover – 3/5
Editing – 4/5
Blurb – 4.5/5
Book Quality (Typing, Word Setting, Fonts) – 4/5
Story – 3.5/5
Overall - 3.8/5
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The moment I heard about the new book by my favorite author, Sanjay Chitranshi, I asked for a review copy. (You don’t wait to read your favourite authors! You instantly grab the copy! ) A few days later, I received the copy of the book and I could almost sense that reading this book is going to be a hell of a ride.
I started reading the book and I instantly recognised that this book is indeed a political satire, as mentioned on the back of cover. As I read on, I was exposed to the hypocrisy of Indian politics. I admire the insights of author for his brilliant analysis and understanding of Indian political system and caste system.
The language, the plot and the pace of the book makes it a good experience. As I already have read one book by same author, Poetic Penetrations, I found that this book’s language was fascinating and  but different. While the previous book had literary language, this book is written in simple language to suit the subject. It clearly indicates that author has clear understanding of subject matter and what language that goes with it. I also felt that the pace of the plot was fast, gripping and you just can’t put down the book!
When asked what was the basic purpose behind writing this book, author says that it was not only to expose hypocrisy of Indian socio-political system, but also to improve upon them so as India can become strong, prosperous and truly great. I believe that author has definitely succeeded in his purpose and has certainly left a long lasting impact on my mind.
I recommend this book to everyone who wishes to explore deep into the Indian political system and how it works. It’s a brilliant satire, written in extremely fast and gripping pace, and beautiful language. I rate this book a 4 our of 5 for it’s brilliant analysis and presentation of Indian political system.
This is the book you might wanna read over and over again. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going back to re read Dalits, Dynasty and She by Sanjay Chitranshi!
What are you waiting for? Grab the book now!
Note: A huge thanks to Sanjay Chitranshi for giving me the review copy of the book! I really appreciate it.
~Rishikesh Pande
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Dalits, Dynasty and SHE- A brutal political satire…..!!!!!
An honest portrayal of the down-in-the-mud political system of the country where the faces are not genuine and conscience of the leaders has hit the rock bottom pit of oblivion. The book begins with the political tyranny of the Dalit leader who has proved her mettle in the vote battle and now rules over the most populous State of the country.  The true colors resurface with each chapter and the characters of the book bring with them perplexing attitudes and social disharmony. The character of Shanti Devi is splashed with oodles of confidence, manipulative antics, and hideous intentions. This is in complete contrast with the naïve, but sharp-minded Rama Chandra who upholds his backward values and condemns the ways of the political tyrant. Amidst all this chaos, there are other prominent players in the political corridors that help in maintaining the grip of the plot. Such a blatant portrayal of the dirty politics that actually acts as a page turner.
Talking about the book, the characters are subtly penned down giving them a realistic touch. The political satire that it is, it truly justifies the random twists and turns in the book that maintains the pace throughout. At couple of places, the grip tends to loosen as the characters add little confusion to the political drama already in full vigor. But, the highs and lows of the human characters are shown in the white light.
A crisp read that engages your mood and makes you ponder over the naivety of the citizens who trust their political leaders blindly. The strong command over the language is actually the USP of the book and reflects the pensive approach of the author. Kudos to the concept, the grim satire, and the superlative characterization.
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Review: Dailts Dynasty and She

Author: Sanjay Chitranshi
Publisher: Frog Books
Pages: 269
MRP: 295 (Paperback), 206 (eBook Kindle)

Reading Sanjay is always a treat for eyes and mind. “Dalits, Dynasty and She” is his second Novel I read in last 30 days and I enjoyed reading both.

The book, claimed to be a Satire on Indian Politics, actually is like a Live commentary on Indian Politics and Politicians, as seen by Rama Chandra, a Dalit. It highlights the situation of Dalits who even after 60 years of Independence and hundreds of Welfare Schemes are still living in a Society which does not accept them. It reflects their desire to integrate with the society even at cost of hiding their identity and not taking benefits available to them.
A completely different insight is given where Rama Chandra does not opt for more lucrative degree and then government job, both available to him easily,  just to hide his identity.
Then it takes us through the aspirations which rise post a Dalit Leader occupying the highest chair in State but then how all dreams are broken when she too becomes part of this system.
Author tries to cover all the ills affecting our system like Land Grabbing.
A good read and a good political commentary.
Few things could have been better like the names of characters seem from the real society but names of parties don’t sound Indian.
Author somewhere is stuck in describing reality without getting in trouble. If the story was described as a political narrative with real names or a complete fiction novel, it would have been better. Any person following Indian politics can easily relate to real persons/parties mentioned in the novel. I am sure with more writings Sanjay will shed his fears of antagonizing others and will be more direct in his narrative.

Overall a good narrative of Indian Society and Politics. A great Second Novel Sanjay ji. You deserve kudos for it. If marketed properly it can surely become a best seller.

Sanjay Chitanshi is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee. Dalits, “Dynasty and She” is his second Novel after “Poetic Penetations”.
Source :- http://iandmewithi.blogspot.in/2016/06/review-dailts-dynasty-and-she.html