Book Review : Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused by Pravin R. Rathod

Book- Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused

Author- Pravin R. Rathod

Editor- Cora Bhatia

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Leadstart Publishing and Frog Books


Four friends are in Goa, enjoying their reunion after a long time. When alcohol hit their nerves, the stories of their loved ones is one there lips.

But before all this Tik’s life has experienced a lot of confusion which make his life quite complicated from the very start. He is confused for his education, career, friends, love and even his interest.

Will things sort out in their lives? Where there confessions and confusions will take them?


Well the title surely has the two most important things that are showcased in the book i.e., confusions and interests of all the individuals. But was it literary working? I didn’t feel that. The title was plain and it didn’t work to create that aura which is required to be formed after one reads the title. Though it’s related but it still misses the hue of perfection and serenity.


The cover is better than the title. The colours are radiant and catchy. The four main leads are shown in the front with a posture of comfort and relaxation which goes well with the story. I first thought that the falling star has some important feature in terms with the book but sadly nothing like that happened. But still, the cover worked for me.


The characters are the lifeline of the book. The people seems seen and heard. There are studious ones, then pranksters, alcoholic; it was nice to see so many people associated directly or indirectly to each other. The author has planned the characters well and has presented them nicely from time to time.

The most interesting characters in the book were NP and VJ. They took my attention especially because of the story they narrated. The minor characters were many and were complimenting the story well. The best minor characters were Pratiksha and Bishikha. They were contrasting in every way and were well created.


The narration was done by Tik while the stories of Kash, NP and VJ were narrated by themselves. Everything was in first person which worked well. It was a nice move to change the narrator when the stories were to be told, otherwise things wouldn’t have come out the way they were in the book. The narrator kept things easy to handle while reading. The chapters were well divided. There were perfect ends and perfect pickups.


The story presented in the book seems quite monotonous in the start. The former chapters contain a simple story of few friends who are on the mission to experience more and more. Well, the starting was a quick base to show the readers what the characters are like, what they have in an out. If the incident mentioned in the very start was a bit different then things would have been interesting and worthy but the same old recipe is presented again with new faces and names.

There is movement in the story and new characters are framed. It is always nice to see contradictory characters. It gives a little amusement because when there are two heads with different poles then conversation and actions of these two collide and something interesting is always built up. Same happened here.

Story had a lot of flashbacks from time to time. Author had distinctively penned them, making things easy to grasp.

Nothing special happened until the group of four friends decided to mark their attendance on the beach of Goa. Well, the story of Tik was moving and moving without any awestruck factor. So there was nothing special before Chapter 8 came. The effect under which the guys are speaking makes you also a live spectator of their narration. The author has kept the whole novel very simple and easy to read and the best advantage of this thing can be seen in this particular part of the novel.

Excitement hits your vision when people dictate there tale one after the other. The word confusion creates witty situations. Every person is in some kind of chaos. So, it was well thought of factor which allowed the author to write things which seem quite relatable.

When the stories are being told, author has kept in his mind one thing; the person and his narration. Thus, we don’t see much cross-questioning and this helped a lot in making the chapters smooth. At first I was wondering why Tik’s story was handled alone and the rest stories are told later. If all the four stories were told together then the book would have been much better. But then how author used the tales with the narrator Tik’s life was really intelligent. Because it is Tik only who is always in mess. So I quite liked the way things preceded. It was another start to what just ended.

The story was quick and easy; also the bond of friendship was well shown by the author, making it a story worth sharing among different circles.


· “If you are confused, it means you can think.”

· “Alcohol is really good for one reason, whatever you think, you feel, you say it honestly without even giving your brain any chance to tamper with it.”

· “No one talked, no one asked, no one proposed yet the answer was yes from both of us.”


Kash’s story of friendship worked as a cherry on the top of the book. It was really inspiring. These ending stories were really great and they are the sole reason for holding the book. Some stories had pain, some had lessons and some had love. Simplicity was also another great factor of the book.


The story never had any such moment which can be remembered always. It was just a tale without any wow factors. So, it makes it only a one time read and it can’t remain in the list of favourites.


It is a book for those who like stories within stories. It can be in your list for a one time read.

About the author-

Pravin R. Rathod is an MBA graduate and a SAP consultant by profession. He is also associated with an NGO named LAKSHYA: Changing lives, and contribute towards various social activities. This book is his very first attempt to let his thoughts appear on paper in the form of words and in a year’s time, even to his surprise, it took the shape of an entire story. He is 26 years old and apart from writing, he loves to visit new places and to lose his mind to music.

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APRIL 10 2016

Written by Pranav Maxim and from Overblog

I had a choice to select between these two masterpiece and I chose CIIC, of course the reason was superb title. But I had to accept it that I’m really confused to review it. Ha! Don’t take it seriously! I started this novel throwingoh-my-god look. This-was-really-happening.

The story is youth centered which was good, now a day everyone confused with everything especially youngster. They love to read this type of crapnovels where they find similarities in their life with Tik & friends. The way of story-telling was quite good as it holds you in the excitement seat. Trust me because I missed the couple of overs of India’s nail biting match to finish it. It was really hard to break your eye contact with simple looking text-pages especially at the end.

From beginning, narrator said everything himself which was good but as he continued with the detailing and decorating the story himself, it was losing interest. As a reader I love novels where I’ll have to understand things on the chatting of characters, not someone trying to fill my mind.

really don’t think it’s a writer fault as he already said, his 200 pages of confusion was harshly and cruelly edited. Wait what if I write just 100 page novel. Couple of chapters in the middle, which you like to skip while reading because you find either story is losing its background or hasn’t any background but don’t do this. Keep your patience with you just for 10-15 pages in the middle like me and you find it was the wholesome necessary.

The end was awesome where we have to fill the ……… I personally love it.The end for what? If there is a chance to create more pages after, everyone enjoy it with hope. I guess.

The cover designed tremendously giving it a unique look, it is good that it was short just 234 pages and eye-catching title. I believe people would easily replace three hour movie with this Tik and friends journey where Tik is driving the story.

I would like to share it too, it helps me to recall my old school day and my each and every first experience where me and my friends used to talk about shit. Where each and everything was shit for us, doesn’t matter the things.

This is a piece of artistic shit. JCKB?

You want to know what it means LLL……… stay confused.

Pranav Maxim

At last I’m rate it. ¬¬¬© / ¬¬¬¬¬

I don’t know much but it’ll help you to grow more to reach up to maximum.

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