Review of Boarding House

Title :Boarding House

Author : Vandana Singh


Blurb : A child has to face the trauma of being separated from her family and left in a boarding house when her parents, siblings leave for Africa for an assignment. The indifference of rich girls in the hostel, the ill-treatment of relations, failure in studies, later as an adult parental anger over refusal to get married, hurt in love, loss of anchor in organized religion, the mistreatment by Indians in America and by Whites, the heroine finally finds love in her Black professors, who are her father figures, in a historically Black University in the US.

My View : 

Through the story of ‘Boarding House‘, authoress wants to tell a tale of tragic life,sufferings of a woman at different stages of her life.It’s a voice of that girl who feels left alone at every next stage of life she lands on, and pours her pain down in the form of words.

The book in the beginning fills reader with the background details of the protagonist, her family background, childhood scenes and how her life was used to be.The details of the protagonist shakes, as some time author speaks about what is necessary to know for readers, and other time she speaks about something which is not at all necessary.Authoress so suddenly changes direction and switches events that it is quite hard for reader to develop a link to relate with events in a go.But as you walk ahead, you would find this detailed background would do a great help to the protagonist to build her character and her traits.

I could see fillers in almost each of the paragraphs which diverted my attention from the story which I so wanted to read, and at times irked me to see the presence of unwanted content. Even there are some chapters which fails to woo reader as there participation is not at all required to complete the story.Like the third chapter, ‘Festivals‘ in which she narrates about the festival protagonist celebrated in her childhood, and brief on the mythological stories involved.

As from the blurb one could easily guess how the story would work, and could easily see the content they are feeding would be worthy or not,and that’s when  the uninvited details come in and breaks the chord.

There are some scenes which she portrays with great intense.One can feel the moments and downpour of emotions very clearly.Through all the trauma protagonist goes through are delivered to readers with great power.One could feel the life attached to it, there’s a sense of pain and tragedy which lies in each of her words, and those words are able to strike human chords very effectively.

When she starts narrating an incident, she gives her all to give strength to it.She tries to provide every possible details to readers which could make reader relate to the incident in a proper and comfortable manner.Her writing style remains grounded throughout the journey.The decency and honesty she shows while playing with her words can be easily noticed.It’s just that her points doesn’t come out clear and loud to give reader a clear image of all the happenings.If events are judged individually,I enjoyed going through them, but the story as a whole leaves reader in the state of confusion, as what all to grab at the end.

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