6 Reasons To Travel By A Window Seat

  1. You will always meet somebody who has a ghost story he has been through. And believe me he will convince everybody else the train is haunted!

2. You will always feel entertained with passengers around you. So many stories happen in the earthy trains especially the sleeper class!

A window Seat is all about three runaways who are trying to find their destinies”

3. Everybody will offer you food and expect in return too. In “A window Seat ” An old couple offers their rather lovely Thali to two hungry mavericks and gets some advice in return. Truly wonderful things happen at A Window Seat.

4. Watching others screens / movies / music is a national pastime! Have you noticed how everybody is busy on laptops, mobiles and tablets watching downloaded movies while others join in too! Fun!

5. Families and bonds are made! Sometimes families spend real quality time with each other only while travelling. It’s fun to play Antakshari , card games and celebrate!

6. Strangers offer free advice. Like It or not, everybody will give you advice if you ask for it. A fresh perspective helps always!

An interview of Vishala Katta—author of A Window Sea

1) Tell us about A Window Seat

A window Seat is all about three runaways who are trying to find their destinies. When a dying corporate professional escape into a train to somewhere, he finds himself become a storyteller of old mythological tales. Tagging along is ten year old Hari who is looking for his parents he lost in the trains. Together their adventures lead them to debating with priests, dancing with eunuchs, sharing meals and conversing casually about death with random strangers.

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A runaway wife tags along with these annoying mavericks. Taking her first train she is all ready to be an actress. That night, what begins as a harmless conversation changes their fate completely.

What makes them hold on to each other for longer? Do they find what they were looking for? What happens when they bump into each other few years later? But do all of them make it alive? A window seat is all about those conversations with strangers that seem to change you unknowingly.

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2)      How did you become involved with the subject or theme of your book?

When I see daily people go about their struggles with absolute no encouragement and acknowledgement I feel inspired by their actions.  Everyone has a story to tell and everybody’s life can be a movie.

A lot of magical fate shaping stuff happens at “A Window Seat! Try it yourself.

3 )   What makes your book stand out from the crowd?










Relate ability. When you read my book you will feel like somebody you know from ages is sitting with you in a relaxed room and telling you a story he went through.

4) Who would act in this book if it were a movie?

Haha I love that question. Because I strongly feel that this script is ready to be casted! I can totally see Hrithik Roshan ( as the young corporate professional turned maverick ), Priyanka Chopra ( Runaway wife on her way to be an actress ) and Darsheel ( Looking for his parents he lost )  act this book into a movie!

5 ) How do you think popular celebrities influence others?

Everybody imitates Influencers across the world. If Bollywood depicts women in action society accepts it as trend. I think as an influencer its important to set a good example and at the same breath be truthful too!

Vishala Katta

Vishala Katta writes about the untold stories that ordinary people carry on their shoulders. She finds extreme gleeful childlike pleasure in conversations with strangers and other creatures that choose to respond. Originally, an engineer, she set out to pursue her love for Communications at Mudra Institute of Communication,

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