First of all, I would like to welcome you in the literary world. Being capable of expressing feelings in the form of words is itself an achievement. Here, at WordCurd we would like to express your feelings and experience as a writer, reader and as a human.

And now as you have entered this world, how do you feel being a member of it?
Lovely, when a reader comments on the topic it gives an amazing feeling. Yes someone is there who listens you too.
What made you think your book is different from others?
It explains everything love fantasy to politics. It narrates the how God wants to see the world and human being.  Like every creator God has vision, aspiration and action plans (mission statement) for his lovely creation human being.
What makes your book special that reader should pick it?
Simply it will touch their heart and give wings to their fantasy. It shows the wishes and fantasy of youth, what extent it can exaggerate and how God quench that fantasy. It will touch every human being’s hidden aspirations and fantasy, whether to go for a drink with his favorite film star or sports star or to do any heroic is all possible. Let it be old or young, old were one day young, so fantasy has no age boundary.   
While writing this book what were your expectations from the book?
It’s a fun loving book but explains the sole criteria of world problems and its solutions. And the only solution is to join active politics. All other measures undertaken is just interim but the actual solution will be possible through politics. Let it be Afghanistan terrorism problem or Syria’s ISISI problem once created politically can only be solved politically. 
Where you sure that this book could give wings to your writing career?
I look on social issues. Social and Political issues have infinity work place. So it is obvious…
What according to you is the best way to connect to readers? Words shooting from heart, an extraordinary story or something else?
I work from heart, try to explain the things which will touch the brain and heart, both of the reader.
What you think is the purpose of your writing? What difference does writing makes to your life?
If not writing, then what?
I am into the writing world since 1998. My first book a Odiya novel ‘Chorabali’ came to market then in 2001 my second book ‘Delhi Khabar’ published as a play and in between I wrote so many short stories which were published in all leading monthly magazines of Odiya. My first fiction in English came in 2011 “Under One Roof” and this book “In God’s Wishlist” is the second one in English fiction category.
Does at any stage you feel like leaving the script in the halfway.
Never, I love writing.
Who would you like to give the credit of being a constant inspirer?
It’s my wife, before Marriage as my beloved girlfriend and after marriage as my life. And the amazing fact is she never tells me to write.
Last, but most important question readers would want to know- Are you working on another book? If yes, how different is this from your last work?
Yes, very soon a new book will come out probably before the LGBT pride parade in Jul 02. Name is co-wife, very unusual name; It is based on a girls live-in relationship with a gay. And I am working on a project too, a fiction based on entrepreneurial approach towards Indian Politics on the era between 2013 to 2024 .

Thank you for sparing your precious time!

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