First of all, I would like to welcome you in the literary world. Being capable of expressing feelings in the form of words is itself an achievement. Here, at WordCurd we would like to express your feelings and experience as a writer, reader and as a human.

And now as you have entered this world, how do you feel being a member of it?
I have found out that my identity (one more besides that of a father, a son, a friend, a relative, a professional, etc.) as an author has become public and I am able to cherish this identity more and more transparently as I become known to more and more of my readers. In the process, the readers themselves can enjoy different aspects of their own identities in newer, more exciting and more intense forms once they digest the contents of my book.
What made you think your book is different from others? What makes your book special that reader should pick it?I have succeeded greatly in explaining evolutionary issues facing contemporary human identity in a very unique manner. I have explained human identity and issues facing it by observing contemporary societal happenings, by making them transparent, confessional and identifiable with issues of like-minded people and at the same time respect and learn good things from people of other ideologies.
This I have done much more creatively with the help of humor, wit and richness of English language. By doing so, I have made dry subjects like human psychology and human philosophy more entertaining and pandering to one’s survival instincts in a much more exciting manner than done by other books of this genre.
While writing this book what were your expectations from the book? Were you sure that this book could give wings to your writing career?
My expectations were : since the subject matter is unique and often considered dry, it would take a long time to pick up. Readers’ psychology in today’s world is mostly shaped by impulsive books satisfying the most immediate instincts and urges without any long term benefits on their psyches. But as events in their lives unfold and their curiosity beyond their base instincts is whetted to learn more and more about human identity and its enjoyment in a holistic manner, my book will gain more and more relevance and people will be drawn to the concept in droves.
And this concept is going to remain ever-green and not just one time affair as it answers evolutionary aspects of human identity in the entire world and across all spheres of human professional and personal lives like cultures, religions, mental control, family and professional lives, etc. This book shows that as more and more importance is given to the creative and humorous usage of words in English language, (also other languages when translated in future) human narrow-mindedness in acknowledging what others are up to will start diminishing and societal acceptance across various social formations will become more and more pronounced improving inter-personal bonhomie at all levels : personal, professional, religious, legal, cultural, political, etc.


What do you think of writing as a career? What importance does literature play in your life?
Writing to me is a natural process and it is this natural process that becomes a career when more and more people appreciate the natural way in which I have handled the subject of my book. So, writing career is a by-product of my creative thought processes which I have adopted in my own personal and professional life and have gained a lot of social acceptance as a good human being among family members, friends, relatives and business associates.
Wit and humor have been my harmless weapons (like toy guns making noise and then making people laugh and not hurting them in any manner) to put across my feelings and expressions. This is what constitutes my idea of literature projecting human identity in the most transparent manner and at the same time make it play an effective role-model for others who are themselves interested in enjoying their own identities at any time, at any place, under any circumstances and with people of any kind.
What according to you is the best way to connect to readers? Words shooting from heart, an extraordinary story or something else?
Since I am highly philosophical too, I look at things in a very holistic manner which covers the entire time domain of our life on earth and the entire human existence made up of societal units across the globe. So anything that is holistic and entertaining can make readers accept my writings unanimously. And at the same time, my readers become highly purposeful individuals, not just driven by their instincts and impulses.
Now as your debut book arrives in the market, what do you expect from your readers?
My readers should feel that the time they have invested in reading my book is going to give them positive returns life-long. A strong sense of identity is generated by different parts of the book and reading the right part at the right time even years after completely reading the book can rejuvenate my readers and make them optimistic about life in general thanks to the concept of the book.
When you were in the initial phase of the writing journey, what obstacles you faced as a debutant author?
My book had only an academic angle to the entire concept. It was rejected by main-stream publishers ten years back.  But as I enjoyed my life more and more by being transparent and socially acceptable, I kept on incorporating lively and peppy ideas into a serious topic. You can call it garnishing it, decorating it, glamourizing it, hyping it, making it more contemporary or whatever. And I have done it with aplomb, wit and humor.  The result is an academic subject has become main-stream.
What do you think is the purpose of your writing? What difference does writing make to your life?
If not writing, then what?
Writing is just one more way of expressing myself in order to survive in a civilized manner. Life and survival are  always about gaining social acceptance in whatever you do and where ever you go. So, writing my book is the same as reading my book as my readers also need social acceptance during their entire survival on earth. If at all writing does not make any difference at times, leading my family and social life peacefully will again give birth to the writer in me and I will still continue writing. If at all, I stop writing, then I will start writing computer programming language which is the most rational language and which is the core of my software profession.
Does at any stage you feel like leaving the script in the halfway. Who would you like to give the credit of being a constant inspirer?
Events and incidents (political, cultural, religious, social or whatever) that you read in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet, witness in your neighbor-hoods, hear about from friends, relatives and business associates are a powerful inspiration in themselves. I never rely on any one particular authoritative figure nor any one particular celebrity for inspiration and at the same time observe carefully how much respect they are able to garner publicly. In fact, to me, any authority or a celebrity (a politician, an actor, an author, an industrialist, etc. ) is also a victim of his or her own societal and professional happenings in which he or she is trying to evolve and survive. So events and incidents are my inspiration and not individual human beings.
Last, but most important question readers would want to know- Are you working on another book? If yes, how different is this from your last work?
I am working on a work of fiction. In this book, the issues facing human identity are fictionalized to such an extent that you can feel how an evolved and technologically powerful human identity is taken to its extremes  hundred years from now but at the core still a human identity only with the same kind of expectations of a civilized society with feelings and emotions that we have today, i.e., those of a good parent, a good professional,  a good citizen, a good politician, a good celebrity, a good religious leader, etc.
I am also working on a work of motivational non-fiction which is basically the next logical extension of this book explaining the evolutionary and civilizational aspects of human identity in terms of positive thinking, evolutionary thinking, civilized thinking, etc. overcoming inter-personal, cultural, linguistic, communal, gender, professional problems and differences. It has a long question and answer session about various aspects of life.
The clue to the contents is once again richness of English language in explaining basic human philosophy and psychology in an entertaining, witty and humorous manner and with minimum usage of proper nouns (not taking a jibe at individuals and institutions but only drawing inspiration from goodness of ordinary and famous people and established institutions (religious, cultural, social, academic, etc.)
To end on a highly philosophical note, kudos to human identity which even God appreciates and helps in making earth a functional Paradise.
Due to constraints of space and time, we shall end now. More some other time.
Book teaser :
We all know that we are social animals….! But why the “animal” tag? Is such a tag necessary? If yes, is it always derogatory or insulting or  immoral or demeaning? Well, read “Life of Social Animals” to know how valuation and morality of this tag vary from person to person, place to place and time to time…!
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