Author Arjun Pawar (Interview)

Author Arjun Pawar is Author of a well selling mythological novel “masters of lygenn” . His style of writing very good. In his whole book we can see his grip on his story. He is very talented in his work of writing . And from my side, I think that his book will be a best seller.


Here’s the Interview with Author Arjun Pawar.

1) What is your motive behind writing your book?

Want to express my thinking through my story. I want people to get more and more aware of the social and political issues going in and around country by not just debating but participating in helping others in any way possible, and that is what I want to convey through my story

2) What do you want to achieve in your next few years?

Nothing ,I want to lead a normal and happy life and wish everyone to have one. Money, Fame, Power will come and go, so it is not necessary to run behind those things. Instead stay happy in what you have.

3) Who is your inspiration, as a writer of your novel?

My story, My thoughts, To convey them to the audience was my aim and that inspired me to write a novel.

4) What are your expectations from your novel?

No author in the world would say that he doesnt want his Novel to be a bestseller. If he says so, he or she must be lying. Same is with me. But I also want my readers to get the message which I want to convey through my book and implement it in their lives

5) Tell me something about your hobbies, your favourite movie or books?

I like football, cricket, listening music, trekking, sketching. I like mythological novels. And I am big fan/admirer of SALMAN KHAN & MANCHESTER UNITED.

6) Message for your readers?

Thank you very much for reading my book, if you have. Thanks in advance, if you havent, because someday you will be tempted to read it.
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