First of all, I would like to welcome you in the literary world. Being capable of expressing feelings in the form of words is itself an achievement. Here, at WordCurd we would like to express your feelings and experience as a writer, reader and as a human.

And now as you have entered this world, how do you feel being a member of it?
I am really happy about it, but at the same time I am also nervous because it is actually difficult to prove one’s calibre in this field.
What made you think your book is different from others? What makes your book special that reader should pick it?
I believe that each book is unique. Aryaveer is about the story of a warrior, set in 13the Century AD. I think the book has the capability to take the readers to that particular era in which it is set. The core of my book is romance, but it also has got all other elements like, friendship, political conspiracy, revenge, betrayal etc, to keep the readers engaged.
While writing this book what were your expectations from the book? Were you sure that this book could give wings to your writing career?
Frankly speaking, when I started penning down Aryaveer, my only dream was to see it as published novel someday. I was just pouring out my heart, and was purely enjoying the journey of writing. Obviously I want the book to do well, so that I can write many more books in future.
What do you think of writing as a career? What importance does literature plays in your life?
I would love to take up writing as a full time career. Literature has always been an important part of my life since childhood. I was always crazy about reading books, especially fiction and fantasies, because they have the magical power to take you into a different world.
What according to you is the best way to connect to readers? Words shooting from heart, an extraordinary story or something else?
In my opinion, the technique of writing plays an essential role in connecting to the readers. I believe that a skilfully narrated story, written in simple language is the key to the heart of a reader.
Now as your debut book arrives in the market, what do you expect from your readers?
I believe that readers are the backbone and strength of any writer. Evidently, I want my book get appreciated and accepted by the readers. I also want them to give their valuable feedback and suggestions about the book so that I could improve myself and grow as a writer.
When you were in the initial phase of the writing journey, what obstacles you faced as a debutant author?
As a debutant author, a few times I have also gone through the fearsome condition of writer’s block, but with patience and grace of god I used to overcome it fast. The best thing is that I had the support of my family, which helped me in overcoming all the fear and confusions that popped up in my mind as a new writer.
What you think is the purpose of your writing? What difference does writing makes to your life?
If not writing, then what?
Writing is like an incurable craving of my soul which I need to satisfy from time to time. Now I think it is impossible to keep me away from my pen.
Does at any stage you feel like leaving the script in the halfway. Who would you like to give the credit of being a constant inspirer?
As the project was very much close to my heart, there was no question about leaving it in the halfway, no matter whatever difficulties I faced in between. Writing a book wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my husband Dereck. He was my source of inspiration throughout the journey of my writing.
Last, but most important question readers would want to know- Are you working on another book? If yes, how different is this from your last work?
Yes, with the blessing of God I have started working on my next project. Unlike Aryaveer, this is a modern story, about two adventurous sisters. I don’t want to reveal the details of the book as it is in its nascent stage.

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