First of all, I would like to welcome you in the literary world. Being capable of expressing feelings in the form of words is itself an achievement. Here, at WordCurd we would like to express your feelings and experience as a writer, reader and as a human.
And now as you have entered this world, how do you feel being a member of it?
A writer’s world is amazing. It is a world that you can enter and leave at will. There are no limits or boundaries to one’s imagination. It is possible to explore topics that you would normally not broach in regular conversation. The message will permeate better when it is entwined in a story or experience. And communicating with other writers opens your eyes to new vistas. It is a unique and privileged experience. It is enhanced by the ease of communication in this electronic era.
What made you think your book is different from others? What makes your book special that reader should pick it?
I have tackled the topic of religious conversions. The debate in this sphere has usually been very political and emotive. When gut instincts come to the fore rational discussion takes a back seat. My novel explores the world of religious cults, conversion, terrorism and mind control, at an intellectual level. It is a very important issue facing India and the NRIs and also the West. My novel is unique and is probably the first in this genre in India. It is a contemporary historical adventure.
While writing this book what were your expectations from the book? Were you sure that this book could give wings to your writing career?
The novel was first published in Tamil and was acclaimed by critics. One well known editor even called it the best novel he has read in ten years. However the message transcends the regional and ethnic demarcation. In my view literature becomes timeless only when it goes beyond narrow boundaries. When it reaches the wider audience my message will resonate well with the public. 

What do you think of writing as a career? What importance does literature plays in your life?
Writing is a passion. I am a surgeon by profession. I have always written poems and academic articles. Recently I started writing novels. I find writing a great way to relax and to give expression to your heart. We are all creatures of our experiences. Each of us is shaped uniquely by our life experiences. When we are able to give expression to our souls by way of writing, it touches not only the peoples’ hearts but it also makes them think. In addition to writing I read a lot too.

What according to you is the best way to connect to readers? Words shooting from heart, an extraordinary story or something else?
There needs to be a theme that is interesting and unique. But the expression should pour from the heart. Basically you want others to read what you write, enjoy it, as well as think about it. This last part is important if you want to sustain the readers’ interest.
Now as your debut book arrives in the market, what do you expect from your readers?
I request them to read it, debate it and criticize it. Even if they shred it to pieces it is okay with me, as long as they do so after reading it. What I don’t want to do is to start a religious controversy. I have walked a tight rope and have tried to avoid hurting anyone’s sentiments.
When you were in the initial phase of the writing journey, what obstacles you faced as a debutant author?
First and foremost obstacle it to find the time to complete the story, edit it and rewrite it. Having a plot is one thing. Giving it a shape and life and molding it into a story is another. The next problem is to find a publisher. Leadstart have been good in supporting me through this. But the biggest obstacle is marketing. Not everyone can come up with a Harry Potter that will sell effortlessly world-wide. For others it is all about finding the niche market and getting exposed to the readership. Blogs like yours render an invaluable service in this regards, especially to fledgling authors like myself.
What you think is the purpose of your writing? What difference does writing makes to your life?
If not writing, then what?
I have always been a very expressive person. The best medium to suit my skills is writing. Writing is like creating, nourishing and delivering a baby. There is a unique fulfillment that comes from this that words cannot express. If I don’t write I will probably be a cartoonist to give form to my thoughts and ideas. But I cannot draw well. May be I will learn in the future.
Does at any stage you feel like leaving the script in the halfway. Who would you like to give the credit of being a constant inspirer?
This has happened many times.  I have to credit my inspiration to those who tried to convert me. The rebel streak in me always wanted to find counter arguments and refused to bow down to mind control. When I was writing the Tamil version, renowned Tamil writer late Mr. S Ponnuthurai constantly egged me on to write. After I published it many scholars requested me publish it in English as the topic is very important. Dr. Parvati Vasudev helped me with the English translation. My own aunt Dr. Parvathi Nagasundaram also provided great moral support. The team at Leadstart, especially Mr. Rajan Bhatia constantly challenged me and made the script better.
Last, but most important question readers would want to know- Are you working on another book? If yes, how different is this from your last work?
In fact I have submitted my next script to some publishers. It is totally different in every way. It is a historical novel based in fifteenth century Cambodia. Again I had the plot but to give life to it I had to do a lot of research. I will start working on the next novel after I bring out the second book.
Thank you for sparing your precious time!

We hope you enjoyed the session.
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