Aryan Poonacha

At the age of 15, Aryan Poonacha already has a book in his name! Cure Bereft is a thriller that revolves around Jack Reach, a scientist who discovers he can change the world through nano-robotics, with a moral – when power gets into the wrong hands, it can be destructive. In a candid chat with us, Aryan delves deeper and lets us in on how he got the idea, his inspiration, and more…

The youngster, who is studying in class 10 reveals that it took him quite a while to develop the plot. “I started working on the plot back when I was in class 6, and was only done writing it by class 8. And for a year after that, I decided to work on the finer details of editing and improving the vocabulary,” reveals Aryan, demurely. His book, is based on a number of scientifically backed theories. How did he manage to conduct such intense research at such a young age, we ask.

“I know this may sound geeky, but I absolutely love science. When my chemistry teacher told us about how everything can be divided into atoms, it completely blew my mind and that’s when my obsession started. And then, with the help of Google, I snowballed into the world of science. My book is more of an incorporation of things, rather than an interpretation,” adds the youngster, sounding rather mature for his age!

The book is set around Los Angeles in America. Why not India, we probe further… “A closer place would have definitely been more convenient, but the US has the backing for such things and I wanted it to seem as real as possible. And with the help of Google maps, I even managed to track the entire journey of Jack including the distance and time!”

says Aryan, who lives with his mother also reveals that it was actually her idea to get the book published! “I penned around 40 pages after reading a number of fantasy books like Harry Potter and Eragon, but that didn’t work out. When I began writing this, my mother read the beginning and suggested we take it a step further. I had no such plans but went along,” says the author who has already begun writing the sequel to his first book!

“I want people to feel the rush of adrenaline and be as hooked to my book, as I was with Dan Brown’s work,” adds Aryan in conclusion, about the author who was the major inspiration for this piece.

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