The Failure Project The Story Of Man’s Greatest Fear

By Anup Kochhar

Failure destroys lives. It damages confidence and crushes the spirit. Throughout our lives we endeavour to manage our thoughts, actions and results so as not to be branded as failures. However, despite our best intentions, life does have a way of throwing curve balls and surprising us. Things do not always go the way we planned or wished for. Failure happens. And it will continue to happen.

For most people failure is akin to a dreaded disease that must be prevented at any cost. Certainly it can never be admitted to. Failure is like fire – it has the power to singe or destroy completely. Few of us remember that failure can also be harnessed creatively. All that it requires is a different perspective.

What do we know of failure? More importantly, how much do we know about it? The first step to overcoming our inherent fear of failure is to know the enemy – inside and out. This amazing, comprehensive and compassionate book helps us understand the anatomy, psychology and management of failure – the greatest, and often the most secret, fear of Man.

Anup Kochhar
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From medical school aspirant to finance has certainly been a hell of a journey, with some spectacular failures. Each milestone provided me with insights into why we fail, how we fail, and the need to get up, learn and move on. It has involved direct encounters with more failures than successes. I have been mauled I must admit, and every encounter left its mark. Looking back, I feel those encounters were necessary. Certainly no one sets out to fail, but failures do happen. Every failure was a lesson that came in handy in the next venture. Every one of them happened for a reason.’ Anup can be reached at:anupmkochhar@gmail.com