Y ? Me

By Shribala

ïY ? Me’ is a story that captures the trauma of 26/11 in Mumbai and some of the lives affected by this. Like many of us, aghast Sindhuja despairingly asked, ïWhy Me’ after being hit by a bullet, on the ill fated night of 26/11, only to have nightmares and hallucinations ? as her best companions.Sindhuja Srinivasan, finance professional and a part time chef is hit by a bullet on 26/11, in Mumbai. She is rescued and undergoes a major surgery for survival. Her serene life takes a major jolt when she is forced to break her four-year old engagement with her fianc?. She decides to move to her father’s hometown to start afresh. It was but natural to meet Dr.Ranjit Rajaratnam. Her life becomes a roller coaster ride filled with comical and romantic interludes. But little did she know that he is carrying his own past baggage, which is much heavier than here is. Enigma haunts them both, as their own pasts intercept the well-oiled machine- ïlife’.She is shattered when he refuses to believe her. Will destiny bring the two of them together as a couple?

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Shribala is finance professional with professional degrees in accountancy, company law, and general law. She has worked in several industries, of course! IT segment and has 16 years of post qualification experience. Her hobbies include playing carnatic music on the violin, art, and crafts and cooking. She lives with her Architect husband and two lovable school going daughters in Chennai, where she is currently employed. She can be reached at:mail@shribala.com