To Replace God 2

By Preetam Oswal

“Preetam Oswal, writer of famous novel To Replace God is back with its sequel!” The love of a mother to save her child lands her into the golden mountains to complete the prophecy. The previous life enemy Veer was not sure of visiting the palace of Zuben, as he had to cross the land of dead to locate the soul of Vasudev. Purab finds out that the witch who cursed him is locked in his body and she is haunting him. Mysterious attack on Bakrota and things change between the seven friends; while the seven friends try to solve the case, they find out that one among them was the attacker. Purab and others confront Jenny and they find out the real problem with her. They travel to the abandoned islands. Will they be able to save Jenny? Is there someone else who is the mastermind behind the whole plan? While Guru Shunya reveals the secret of 14 auspicious dreams seen by mother Aaradhana and leads them to the golden mountains, he is still afraid whether Aaradhana and Shikhar would clear the secret passage alive, where they would have to answer the questions from the hell-angels.

Preetam Oswal
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Preetam Suresh Oswal is a 23-year-old who has graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication from MIT College of Engineering, Pune in 2013. He is presently working as a business operations associate at ZS Associates, Pune. A resident of Daund town in Maharashtra, Preetam earlier completed his twelfth grade studies from Fergusson College. Preetam spent his childhood in Daund, attending the St. Sebastian High School till his tenth standard. He stood first in his school in the tenth grade and also got scholarships in various subjects. Born in September 1991 to Suresh Oswal, a businessman, and homemaker Baby Oswal, Preetam has two elder sisters, Sonali and Monali. To Replace God 2: The Fourteen Auspicious Dreams, Abandoned Island and the Golden Mountain is Preetam’s second novel. It is the second part of fiction novel series To Replace God. Series till now: 1. To Replace God. 2. To Replace God 2: The Fourteen Auspicious Dreams, Abandoned Island and the Golden Mountain. Email: prtmoswal@gmail.com, preetam@toreplacegod.com Website: www.toreplacegod.com