TMS – That’s My Story

By Vinay Mashalkar

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. There is an enigma in that feeling, which can take a person to a different world. So many things have been said and written about love, but it still has its mystic charm that attracts people to read some more love stories. TMS is one such simple, but beautiful love story of an IT guy named Vikram, working in Bangalore. It talks about his job, his friendship, his booze parties, his frivolous lifestyle, and above all, his love and the emotions that a person goes through when he falls in love. It’s a beautiful journey of friendship, love, breakup, destruction, recovery, and miracles. Read and walk the path of this beautiful journey with Vikram, Meghna, and Aditi…

Vinay Mashalkar
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Vinay has completed his B.tech in Electronics and Communica­tion and works in the Chip Designing Domain. He loves reading books and aspires to become an author. This work is his first attempt to achieve that dream. He also likes listening to music, watching movies, and docu­mentaries on philosophy. He likes nature and its vivid faces that reflect in the form of beaches, lush green landscapes, and mountains.E-mail: vin_mashalkar@yahoo.com