The Spectrum of Wishes

By Aishwarya

Life is full of weird little twists– a fact as well-known as this manages to fill Alia’s mundane life with surprises when she is visited by her cousin… well her dead cousin… the spirit of her dead cousin. Trying to help her sister in checking off the unfulfilled tasks of her `wish box’, Alia ends up finding a new self, a bunch of great friends and that thing called love. She explores the world of theatre, explodes into fits of rage and dives into pools of joy as she discovers her true identity.But when the time for making choices arrives, she must decide– about love, about life. What does she choose? Does she have the strength to relive the moment of separation when all this comes to an end?

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Aishwarya, a student of English Literature at Hindu college, University of Delhi, is a self-proclaimed `story lover’ with a passion for books, music, movies and television. She started writing at the age of 13 and hasn’t kept the pen down since then. Having written her first book at the young age of 17, she aspires to write many more, exploring through various genres and forms.