The Accidental Immortals

By Prasant Nayak

Jai, an orphaned teen, is possibly the youngest shooter for hire in the Mumbai underworld. In this netherworld of violence and hopelessness, Jai finds love in the kohl-lined eyes of Juliet, who was sold into slavery to the most dangerous man in town. They make a mad dash for freedom and in this mayhem, Jai realises something about himself – that he simply won’t die. Ludvig Hansen, a septuagenarian Norwegian telecom billionaire has one thing in common with Jai – his trait of immortality. However, unlike Jai, Ludvig has used this trait to amass an empire for himself. Jai and Juliet find themselves on the run from the police and the underground in Mumbai, while far away in Russia, Ludvig’s daughter is kidnapped by the Russian mob. Their turbulent lives collide head-on and they realise there is a direct threat to their lives, immortality notwithstanding. They have to find a way out and they do just that – only this way leads to a new life, in a new world, and in a new time.

Prasant Nayak
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Prasant Nayak is a book-addict and loves reading books on popular science, science fiction, history, and fantasy. In his other life, he is a genito-urinary surgeon of repute, specialising in endo-urology and reconstructive urology. Writing is a hobby and a passion for him and this is his debut novel. He lives in the idyllic and beautiful city of Pondicherry with his wife and son. prasantnyk@gmail.com