Ananya: A Journey Towards Light

By Urmila Deshpande

Her real parents were dead by the time she was five years old. Her grandfather certified her as cursed. A period of fifteen years has passed, raised by adoptive parents, Ananya became a swan from an ugly duckling.And then suddenly one day, she finds herself going through a transformation. What follows is a series of mysterious incidents, a strong force of destiny, propelling her towards the unknown, something that is beyond logic or reasoning.

In this journey towards light, she meets people who introduce her to the loving divine energy and also the dark energy of the devil.
Ananya, an intelligent, logical young girl, finds herself on the verge of insanity. She cannot understand these mysterious forces. Is the divine pouring her love on her or it is her mind which playing tricks at the behest of the devil?

Urmila Deshpande
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Urmila Deshpande, born and brought up in Mumbai, lives with her husband and two daughters. She can be found reading a book or drinking coffee in a café, spending time with her daughters. Ananya is her debut novel.