On the Rocks: Stories of Connections

By Shan Fazelbhoy

Thirty long years after they last met, Arya and Tarun chance upon each other at a party. Unable to deny the still smouldering sparks flying between them, they head into the blue-black night, drawn almost unconsciously to the same rocks that decades earlier had on several occasions been witness to their insatiable passion. Does older mean wiser or are they willing to indulge their sensual desires and risk losing the life they have built? Read ‘On the Rocks’ and other stories of emotional and physical connections encompassing love, lust and disappointment.

Shan Fazelbhoy
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The writer grew up in the vibrant city of Mumbai. These teenage years went on to define her life and her writing is heavily influenced by the heady experiences and struggles of these young formative years. With an innate interest in people and their behaviour patterns, the writer finds the endless possibilities of connections fascinating. She believes it keeps life interesting, entertaining and occasionally disturbing. With a Diploma in Creative Writing, professional and personal blogs keep the writer writing almost continuously on art, food, films, books and her own poetry. She currently lives in the U.A.E. and is founder of the online art gallery, Kobo Art.