Lost in the Known

By Abhishek Chandel

This book is an anthology of short stories; it is about fictional characters who revolutionized their lives by understanding themselves – by involving them-selves in the situations of the non-fictional world. These fictional stories base themselves in the sufferings and problems that we face in our daily lives. The characters share their secrets, their problems, their ideas, their thoughts and the book attempts to gain a deeper understanding through their conversations and discussions. The text valiantly attempts to infuse the reader with feeling as they read each line, such that they enjoy not only the reading but also the time spent doing it.

A story is nothing but a collection of words and recollection of memories, but it turns to life when a writer writes as a reader and a reader reads as a writer. 

Abhishek Chandel
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Abhishek says that the best time to meet someone is when he or she is relaxed or alone and that a book is one of the best ways to reach them. He writes not out of a need to be an author but as a person who wants to meet and understand people personally. He writes because he can and because he loves to express the questions and answers between characters and to conduct investigations into the self through these conversations. During his final year of college, he started writing a blog on life but, in a fit of brutal honesty, decided to delete it all shortly after because he didn’t think it was writing worthy of the great vast webosphere. He began to express the fragrance of life in the form of poems, essays and stories and has every intention to continue doing this.