Kashmir House

By Vikram Dhawan

““A society is judged by how they treat their women and, a country is judged by how they treat their brave.”

An ego tussle between a politician and a bureaucrat perils Deep Assets inside the enemy territory.

A holocaust survivor borrows knowhow from slayers of his family for profit.

An honourable leader challenges the Witches & Wizards of the system.

An atheist adversary who strikes in the name of god.

Kashmir, a playground for settling scores.

Vikram Dhawan
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"Born in the seventies, to parents whose families fled to india from Pakistan in 1947 after the Partition, Vikram Dhawan grew up in northern India in the eventful 70s and 80s. Playing in the trenches still around many years after the 1971 war, garish sterilisation campaigns, and silent Emergency days, are some of his earliest childhood memories. Vikram is well-travelled, well-read and passionate about world history and is inspired by personal experiences of soldiers, spies and survivors of wars across the globe. "