By Pradipta Panda

Pradipta Panda, in his book, ‘Co-wife’ on the LGBT community, poignantly captures the pathos, the problems and the mental trauma faced by the LGBT community. His story revolves around the relationship of a straight woman, Pranami and a gay man, Manav, whom she loves. Manav is a bisexual and a crusader of the LGBT community.The story through real life stories of gays and lesbians brings to light their experiences and raison d’être for choosing to love, live life, and have sex with partners of the same sex.

Pranami is caught in a web of conflict and deceit—will she succeed in her dream of being able to marry Manav? Or will he choose to remain gay? Or will her brother, also a gay, succeed in his scheme of marrying her off to his gay lover to get hold of her property? Will a society that criminalizes the LGBT community accept their marriage, even if it happens? Will the LGBT community ever get justice and peace to fit into society?

The term wife is self-explanatory and needs no definition. However, what and who is a co-wife? What does this term signify? Read ‘Co-wife’ to understand—the mystery behind a co-wife—and the ethos of the LGBT community.

Pradipta Panda
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Pradipta Panda was born in1976. A thinker and an entrepreneur he portrays lively characters in a simple way in the story. His previous successful books are ‘Under One Roof’ and ‘In God’s Wishlist’. He completed his post-graduation in Journalism and MBA in HR. Presently, he is working at Bank of India. Your valuable comments will certainly help the think tank to narrate more lively characters among us. Feel free to write to him on social media.