Boarding House

By Vandana Singh

A child has to face the trauma of being separated from her family and left in a boarding house when her parents, siblings leave for Africa for an assignment. The indifference of rich girls in the hostel, the ill-treatment of relations, failure in studies, later as an adult parental anger over refusal to get married, hurt in love, loss of anchor in organized religion, the mistreatment by Indians in America and by Whites, the heroine finally finds love in her Black professors, who are her father figures, in a historically Black University in the US.

Vandana Singh
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Dr. Vandana Singh has a Masters in English from the reputed Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, India, and an EdS (Education Specialist) degree from Middle Tennessee State University, USA. She has a PhD in English Literature from Singhania University, Rajasthan, India. Her thesis was titled “Lytton Strachey as Man and Biographer.” Her schooling was in both Catholic and Protestant schools. She has lived in America and in South-East Asia. She has taught both in India and abroad.