Blood, Sweat and … Cheers!

By Jimmy Mathew

The corridors of a hospital smell of contained suffering and death. But there are reserves of life and hope waiting their turn. Medical schools hide tales of laughter, love and friendship. But nervous breakdowns and bitter disappointments are part of the game. Can Gopan and friends fight The Gorilla and gang, clad in only underwear riddled with holes?  Will Chester the Master steal the delectable Meena from me with stealth, cunning and academic skill?  Will Indra the terrible use his gun on Saranya and what has that got to do with me becoming a feminist?  Is it possible to pass the dreaded clinical finals when your arch enemy is conducting the exam? An obsessed scientist discovers a life-prolonging drug – but what is the use, when Sameer is still a virgin?  Read on to find out.

Jimmy Mathew
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Jimmy Mathew was brought up in Thrissur, Kerala. Jimmy was a voracious reader throughout childhood. He completed basic medical training from Medical College, Trichur, and was trained in surgery (MS) from JIPMER, Puducherry. After completing Plastic Surgery training (MCh) in Calicut, he worked in many hospitals including St. Johns, Bangalore. Now he is working as Associate Professor and Consultant Reconstructive Micro Surgeon at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences at Kochi. He considers himself more a Doctor than a Surgeon, and more human than Doctor. Unfortunately, it can be a disadvantage at times. He can be contacted at jimmysurgeon@gmail.com. He has more than fifteen academic publications. His Poems and stories have been published in various journals. The Stethoscope and the Scalpel- a collection of short stories was published by Paras ? a reputed medical publisher in 2011. This is his second book.