Beyond the Boundaries

By Rajat Kanti Das

Ajoy was searching for an ideology to find the meaning of life, but Sabitri kept the ideals aside to keep her family survive through economic constraints, while a section of Bengalis of the northeast India had lost connections with their ancestral land due to country’s partition in 1947. The former generation had their old doctrines of faith, based on caste and creed, and unlike them, Ajoy, the next generation youth, developed his faith in Marxism to live for a cause, while Sabitri’s living without choice compelled her to leave aside the age-old social values and customs. Both of them had to confront the fast changing social scenario surcharged with communal antagonism due to political upsurge of religious fundamentalism. With the conflicts and contradictions, they had to straddle through a relentless journey of life beyond the boundaries to find new horizons of romance and aspirations.

Rajat Kanti Das
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Born in mid-fifties of the last century, Rajat Kanti Das is a committed reader of literature and has inclination towards creative writing. Following his graduation from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, he has worked in diverse fields, such as teaching in the remote village schools of Meghalaya or serving in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies; he did various jobs. These migrations, from one field to another, were the result of his unbound inquisitiveness to see and feel the lives in the diverse areas of the northeastern region. He has written articles based on the diverse subjects including economics, science, religion, cinematography, art, literature, and other topics. ‘Beyond the Boundaries’, is his debut novel based on observation of the society, in which he lives.