Age of Apostasy-Knife Edge

By Abhijeeth Hiliyana

“Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha”- Dharma protects those who protect it.. …so goes the saying from Manusmriti.  A aphorism, considered an ideal way of life for a human. But in a age where the quest for survival presents a greater challenge, ethics and loyalty have become mere cursory references in the lives of people; in this world it becomes hard to define Dharma. A disillusioned general caught between his loyalty for his country and the cost of that loyalty. An assassin stuck in the past, hoping for a way to escape it. A warrior desperately trying to gain the respect of his benefactor. And an ancient enemy, re-emerging, hoping to right old wrongs. This is age of suffering and conflict, an age of Apostasy and humanity stands on a knife edge.”

Abhijeeth Hiliyana
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The author is fascinated by Indian mythology and history. He holds a Masters of Computer Science from the University of Florida, and is a software engineer by profession. His passions include reading fantasy novels and some of his favourite authors are Steven Erikson, George R R Martin, and Robert Jordan, among others. His main inspiration for writing this novel was to present a story from the perspective of Indian Mythology. A story that is gritty and tries to present the individual perspective of the characters without trying to categorise them as black or white. A task he believes he has started with this novel, the first novel of the series. A task he believes is the hardest as this is debutant novel.