Why Not ? Life Stories of Amazing Achievers

By Lata Upadhyay

Welcome to the real world, where superheroes live. They are no different from us – confronted with life’s turmoils and challenges. Like the young performer in The Music Weaver, whose heart tugs him to leave his cushy life behind for exciting but uncertain possibilities. The mountain porter in The Determined Dreamer,who can’t control his yearning for something bigger, better and greater. The number-whiz in The Mathemagician,who outshines his teachers, even though he fails his high school exams. The aspiring pace-bowler in The Game Changer, whose talent, passion and dedication are dismissed as an impossible dream. The US-educated engineer in The White Knight, who returns to India with stars in his eyes but lands his first job in a dusty small town in the middle of nowhere.

• PANDIT RAVI SHANKAR, the sitarist who introduced Indian classical music to the world.
• TENZING NORGAY, the first climber to conquer Mount Everest, with Edmund Hillary.
• SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN, the one-of-a-kind mathematical genius.
• KAPIL DEV, India’s greatest fast bowler and all-rounder.
• DR. VERGHESE KURIEN, father of India’s milk revolution.

These heroes do not share dreams or circumstances. Yet they have one thing in common. They do not look at what is and ask why. Instead, they imagine how they want things to be and ask WHY NOT?

Read about the lives of these five real-life heroes and challenge yourself with WHY NOT? Just like them.

Lata Upadhyay
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After seven years in advertising, LATA UPADHYAY decided to be her own boss. She now enjoys running a consumer research firm where they poke and pry into what people think, feel and do. But what she enjoys most is coming back every day to her happy place: writing. She was inspired to write Why Not? by her children. The sparks of awe and delight ignited by real stories in their wonder-filled eyes drew her in completely. Soon she was hooked to researching real people and the exciting details that brought their lives alive. It was as exciting as snooping for clues to an unfolding mystery! Lata grew up in New Delhi, India. Subsequently, she has lived and worked in Canada and the US. She currently lives in New York, with her husband and two sassy children. Lata welcomes comments, feedback and suggestions from her readers. She can be reached at: lata.upadhyay@gmail.com