What is Your True Zodiac Sign?

By Greenstone Lobo

What if what you thought all your life to be your zodiac sign was Wrong? People who think they are Arians, could actually have their Sun in Pisces. More than three quarters of the world’s population have been assuming the wrong zodiac sign. Can 12 types capture the mind-boggling diversity of personalities in the world? Astronality-186 systematically demonstrates that the various permutations and combinations of Sun, Mercury and Moon, correctly placed, create 186 distinct personalitytypes, not just 12. Which of the 186 types are You? Narendra Modi is not just a meticulous and hard-working Virgo, but also a zealous and decisive Scorpio, aka VirScorp. Salman Khan is not a stuffy, politically correct and conservative Capricorn, but an outspoken, passionate and rebellious Scorpio-Sagittarius-Aquarius ie, ScorpSagAqua. Sachin Tendulkar is not a bull-headed Taurean, but a forceful, powerful, playful yet down-to-earth AriSagPisces. Barack Obama is not a flamboyant and arrogant Leo, but a sensitive yet tough TauCan. Etc… Know your true zodiac sign and understand the psyche of the people who matter in your life.

Greenstone Lobo
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On a rainy day, when he was fourteen, Greenstone took shelter on a sidewalk. To kill time he picked up a book with a mystifying cover; it was on astrology. His life changed forever. Today, he has a systemised personal collection of over 13000 horoscopes, and life details, of celebrities and people from all walks of life. Based on his extensive research into astrology, he has propounded various methodologies to explore longevity, widowhood, wealth, fame, marriage, family, marital discord, sex life, careers, secret areas of life, travel and death. Greenstone is one of the few astrologers in the world to have concrete works on planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Greenstone also makes predictions about politics, sports, and celebrity-related events. He writes a weekly column which focuses on sporting predictions. Training is his other passion and he has trained over 50,000 people.