The Charismatic Leader

By Suresh Kenkare

In   today’s   complex   global   business   scenario,   the   Charismatic   Leader   is   the organization’s  transformation  specialist.  His  holistic  quest  raises  the  organization above  internal  and  external  complexities  to turn  in high  quality  growth  balanced by   the   five   existential   imensions: Economic,   Emotional,   Intellectual,   Cultural and   Spiritual.   The   end   result   is   far   greater   than   the   parts.   The   harmony of   these  five dimensions    produces   the   sixth   dimension:    organic   evolution. Charisma, the magnetic spiritual force, is born of the alchemy of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos (in that order). Ethos is what you decide you are about and what you value. It gives you the criteria for making life decisions. Pathos is how you relate to others, and reflects  your own personal  mastery,  derived  from deep-rooted  beliefs and values. Logos is about your dreams, mission and purpose. The Charismatic Leader is deeply aware of his Inner Self, and divines his own Truths, the substance  of divine nature, in his reflection  periods.  He relentlessly  walks the path of those Truths with conscious global mindfulness, focusing on the spirit of Self- Evolution and not the act of walking. You cannot psych yourself into self-compassion or peace of mind. It comes when your life is in harmony with your Truths. A leader’s personal mastery comes from self-awareness and the lifelong process of experiencing and learning.This book is for everyone who wants to transcend into being a Charismatic Leader in the new age. The text supports current trends in leadership towards sustainability, employee engagement, work/life integration, collaboration, coaching, and worldwide connectivity.  It is a counter narrative  to beliefs of entitlement  and self-indulgence at  the  expense  of earned  competency.  This  volume  is an excellent  reference  for leadership courses in uIniversities, for trainers and business leaders, as well as for the young reader in search of greater self-awareness. I particularly liked [the]emphasis  on… self-management  over dependence, inspiration over  autocratic   leadership,   spiritual  awareness   over  constant  electronic  stimulus without introspection, and a focus outward to serving others over short term gains.

Suresh Kenkare
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SURESH KENKARE, a commerce graduate of Bombay University, also finished at the top of his MBA(Marketing) class at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. He went on to pursue an MBA in Finance at UW-Madison. An experienced management professional, trainer, and educator, he has held senior positions in the domains of Total Quality Management, HR Policy Re-Engineering, Managerial Training, Market Research, Strategic Planning, Communications and Advertising, Group Product Management, Marketing Services, Overseas Business Development and Sales Management. In the course of his varied career, he has had intensive cross-functional exposure to general management as well as marketing functions. Kenkare took early retirement to pursue his interests in academics and professional education. He is attached as Faculty to several management institutes and conducts training programmes for managers across India. He has travelled widely in the US, Europe and Japan. His writing is based on his own experiences and research into the impact of organizational values on employee performance, management perspectives on communication, and corporate ethics, in the Indian context. Kenkare is based in Mumbai and can be reached at: selfless.leader.2013@gmail.com Editor ’s Note: He has been used throughout as a gender-neutral term.