Life Offline

By Suraj Goswami

Flamboyant Raj thinks he has the perfect Onsite voyage to the east of Europe; meeting his office pals and having a blast. But the rapid turn of events catches him so much on the wrong foot that he can barely make out his friends from foes. The churning turn of events throws his love life into a tricky nook where the games people play around him leaves him void of any emotions. His enemies are closing onto him, the love of his life has almost turned her back on him, and he hardly can think of any ploy to wade out of the trapping quicksand. On the verge of being completely deserted and victimized, he struggles hard to find the bleakest hint of light from even the darkest ends of the maze he is trapped into. In this game of betrayal and vengeance, where the circling wolves sniff hard for his blood and he is afraid even of the rescuing hands striving to restore faith and sanity, what would fate have in store for Raj? What should he do and how should he traverse the off and online paths of Life?

Suraj Goswami
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Suraj Goswami is a Project Manager in the Information Technology space and Investment Banking domain by day. By night, he strives to live up to the call of his life by transforming the emotions and experiences of life into his works of fiction. Currently based out of Pune his interests include cricket, chess, movies and reading, apart from writing. This is Suraj’s first novel which he wrote around 5 years ago. However, the turn of events on his personal front delayed the work from coming to the fore earlier.